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SODAwise – Margit Hart and Fritz Maierhofer – 14 juin 2011

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As part of the SODAwise discussion series, SODA continues to bring together creative souls from different disciplines and careers to share and discuss various topics.

SODA will be entertained by the presence of Margit Hart and Fritz Maierhofer – two prominent names in Contemporary Art Jewellery – on Tuesday, June 14 at 18:00. Our two main speakers from Austria will discuss and share their knowledge and experiences and present examples of their artwork in the discussion titled “Nature and Structure”.

This discussion was prepared with the valuable contributions of the two pioneers of contemporary art jewellery in Turkey, Ela Cindoruk and Nazan Pak.

We look forward to seeing you with us.

The discussion will be held with a limited number of seats. Please call 0212 231 8988 or email to make a reservation.


A graduate of State University of New York and someone who has participated in many important exhibitons and fairs, what matters most for Margit Hart is that people can wear her jewelry art. Her primary concern resides not so much in creating an item of jewelry or merely depicting forms and shapes than in exploring the relationship – and interplay – between the human body, jewelry and the environment.
Margit HART – broches 2006 – silver, email


Fritz Maierhofer’s work exists in a world that is vibrant and diverse. He is not the kind of artist who, having come across a successful idea, gladly replicates it ad infinitum. Improving and developing his work since the 1950’s, he is constantly discovering new materials, absorbing new inspiration into his work.
Fritz MAIERHOFER « Faltarbeit » Silber Brosche



Şakayık Sok. No: 37/1 34365 Nişantaşı- İSTANBUL
Tel: +90 212 231 89 88

Ted NOTEN – savoir garder la transparence avec ses « richesses » ……

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Ted Noten meets Joost Lyppens :
keep your diamonds safe by having casting them in clear acrylic, as did jewellery designer Ted Noten while collaborating with Joost Lyppens. (mocoloco website)


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Melbourne jeweller Karla Way, renowned for her dark, mysterious and archeologically ambiguous work

Employing both traditional and modern materials, both naturally occurring and man made, Karla makes jewellery, art object and vessels. She is interested in the transformative ability of materials and draws inspiration from the extensive pre/history of jewellery, hollowware and personal object. Representing elements of the natural world and reflecting our relationship with it, her pieces examine the intersection of nature and material culture.

Karla’s recent work for an exhibition titled Bad Beasts Do Not Harm Me (with Natalia Milosz-Piekarska, sept-oct 2010 at Craft Victoria) references ancient forms that have universally been used for protection and deflecting bad luck. Way is exploring the possibility of objects to transcend their physical and utilitarian purposes, (such as becoming powerful emotional and psychological tools) through the investigation of the transformative capabilities of materials.
Karla Way- « Good Hunter » Pendant – Polyurethane resin, nylon cord
Karla WayGood Hunter Pendant -  (worn)
Karla Way« Hunter and hunted »
Karla Way‘Suspended Container 1′
Karla WayPieces of Eight Piece of the Day- 2011
Karla WayPieces of Eight Piece of the Day- 2011 (worn) [KWay.EnTropicalKingdom.JPG]
Karla Way« Entropical Kingdom Pendant » – Perspex, Sterling silver, cubic Zirconia, Ruby Crystal, Silk Thread 2009

Karla WayFlask for That Air -  perspex, copper, jarrah, sterling silver, silk cord  – 2008

Karla Way(Object to be) Suspended Timelines 2 – perspex, polyeurythane resin, sterling silver, cotton  2008 (Photo: Jeremy Dillon)

Karla Way(Object to be) Supended Timelines 1 – perspex, polyeurythane resin, sterling silver, silk cord 2008

BLACK is BEAUTIFUL - Karla WAY dans Australie (AU) _MG_0057
Karla Way(Object to be) Supended Timelines


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