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EXPO ‘Collect Collections’ – Lesley Craze Gallery, London (UK) – 10 Juin-2 Juill. 2011

To celebrate London Jewellery Week, Lesley Craze Gallery will showcase new collections by 12 of the world’s foremost jewellery and metalwork artists. The selected artists work in materials such as wood, metal, Nylon, paper and precious metals and utilize techniques as diverse as hand crochet to 3D Printing and Rapid Prototyping. By presenting this exceptional diversity, this exhibition seeks to explore the varied practices in cutting edge contemporary jewellery practice today. These collections were previewed at COLLECT, the leading international fair for contemporary objects held in May at the Saatchi Gallery.

EXPO 'Collect Collections' - Lesley Craze Gallery, London (UK) - 10 Juin-2 Juill. 2011 dans Exposition/Exhibition 252540_1687494919557_1603214584_1271052_3154172_n
(Necklace by Emmeline Hastings)


Michael Becker (Germany) — 
Michael Berger (Germany) — 
Vladimir Bohm (UK) — 
Simone Brewster (UK) — 
Helen Carnac (UK) — 

Angela Cork (UK) — 
Nora Fok (UK) — 
Emmeline Hastings (UK) — 
Jo Hayes-Ward (UK) — 
Wendy Ramshaw CBE RDI (UK) — 

Michihiro Sato (Japan) — 
Maud Traon (France)
Jo Hayes-Ward – rings- Structural , architectural, geometrical…
left : Grey Checkerboard Diamond Ring, 2010 – 18ct white gold with one black and two grey checkerboard rose-cut diamonds
Michihiro Sato -brooch – Paper
Michihiro Sato -brooches – Paper

Maud Traon - ring ‘Water Mellon’ – Mixed media

Maud Traon - rings - ‘Stones & Co’ series





Lesley Craze Gallery
3 – 35a Clerkenwell Green
EC1R 0DU – London
United Kingdom
Telephone: 020 7608 0393
Fax: 020 7251 5655

Leonor HIPOLITO – natures mortes

from 2006 exhibition « Still-life / Natureza morta » at Velvet da Vinci Gallery
« While walking along the way I looked at the landscape that suddenly started to grow. Through my eyes the trees seemed to multiply, nature expand. Suddenly standing in a field of light and shadow I gazed at this new reflected landscape, this immaterial but real landscape, intense but brief. From its fleeting presence I tried to keep in memory a reality that never existed before and within its shadows to preserve the remembrance of that view.« 
je ne connaissais pas ces travaux de Leonor Hipolito qui sont, je dirais, d’un silence, d’une sérénité et d’une beauté qui me parlent ………

Leonor Hipolitostill life / natureza morta brooches



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