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« Graduation Show » – Escola MASSANA, Barcelona (SP) – 20-23 Juin 2011

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PRESENTACIÓN DE PROYECTOS FINALES DE GRADUADO Los alumnos de Graduado presentarán sus trabajos finales ante los tribunales de proyecto en la Sala de Actos de la Escola Massana 

Del 20 al 23 de juny de 2011

EXPO ‘SAUN(A)’ – A-Galerii, Tallinn (Estonia) – 21 Juin-18 juill. 2011

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You are the most welcome to the opening of SAUN(A) contemporary jewellery exhibition on June 21 at 17.00 in A-Galerii, Tallinn, Estonia.
The exhibition stays open till 18th of July.

Elo Uibokand and Veera Metso

EXPO 'SAUN(A)' - A-Galerii, Tallinn (Estonia) - 21 Juin-18 juill. 2011 dans Elo UIBOKAND (EE) 254957_1930063425533_1660671088_1917419_7206566_n

Elo Uibokand and Veera Metso have both graduated from Saimaa University of Applied Sciences in Lappeenranta, Finland. They share interest in expressing themselves through art and jewellery and through the same kind of thematical subjects.

The theme for the exhibition is “SAUN(A)” as this is a common and uniting feature in Estonian and Finnish culture. Sauna is a healing place used for relaxing and washing oneself. For us sauna represents warm, intimate and almost sacred atmosphere where one is revealed from disguises. Sauna is a safe and a cosy place to be quiet and take some time off, it’ s a place where different generations meet and knowledge and caring is shared. At the same time a very intimate and public space. Sauna is something that sustains and changes at the same time.

The materials used in the jewellery are the same one may find traditionally in sauna: wood, textile, brick, metal.

Elo Uibokand is working with various materials depending on the concept of the works, although she prefers natural materials like wool, bone, metals, wool, linen, ceramics. For her, jewellery is a very intimate and personal medium to communicate with. Through her work she comments longing, home; the vulnerability of human being, where intimacy, passion, fear, pain and beauty intertwine.

Veera Metso mostly works with natural materials. Her work is mainly material based –she prefers to listen to the material and follow its essence over trying to make the material fit into some purpose. The material and surface structure is the purpose. In addition Veera often has personal ideas behind her work from which she derives her solutions and inspiration. These are much like Elo’s themes: intimacy, touching, fear and spirituality. Body and jewellery being a path to all of them –a place to communicate, a place in-between.

200770_10150208976481982_664626981_9117657_1103744_n dans Estonie (EE)
Veera Metso – « Reflection and Respiration », »You’re the another », 2010, necklace

199529_10150208975996982_664626981_9117644_7627964_n dans Exposition/Exhibition
Veera Metso – « Reflection and Respiration » – « Failure to see you », 2010, brooch



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