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Decouverte : Francesca MANCINI e il suo « giardinoblu »

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 Francesca MANCINI

« I think the jewel now has the lucky role and the task of returning to people the forgotten power of imagination, awakening the capacity to wonder and discover the uniqueness in the usual way.
I choose the items and materials for investigation according to the appeal that they are able to transmit, a charm that comes from what they tell.
I prefer organic or found items, which often belong to everyday life and find a new identity through decontextualization and material research.
The only metal is silver, which in order to communicate with what is close to it needs to be discovered as « lived » through irregular form and surfaces.
Each jewel is an unique and independent creature, with a strong personality because created by the encounter and dialogue of the past adventure elements and therefore able to tell a story, to awaken the imagination and sense of contemplation.
It’s possible that these jewels find a wearer, someone who truly loves them for who they are, but if not, they would continue to exist with pride.
I didn’t attend schools about contemporary jewellery.
I discovered this world following my instinct of expression.
Later, it was beautiful to learn that I can share my world with many other people. »
Francesca MANCINI – fantastic day brooch – mixed media


Decouverte : Francesca MANCINI e il suo
Francesca MANCINI -incontri
Francesca MANCINI -
Francesca MANCINI -puzzle in black*.jpg
raspberry -collier – silver, agata
Francesca MANCINI -impossibile dimenticare – broche – fruit, textile
Francesca MANCINI -reginal - brooch – silver, cork, wood, stones, rice
Francesca MANCINI -tris -ring – silver, cotton
Francesca MANCINI -white brooches

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