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Nicola Mather trained and graduated with a BA (Hons) in Silversmithing and Jewellery from the Glasgow School of Art in 2010.
Nicola uses new technologies in jewellery combined with more traditional techniques to create unique ethereal pieces which are intricate and resilient. Inspired by seeds and pods which she collects, Nicola has studied these organic forms closely to reveal the beautiful struture, texture and form which she conveys in her designs.

The designs are often generated from interests in repetition of a single form and extensive experimentation of material.  By combining linear forms with vibrant gemstones Nicola mirrors the delicate qualities of organic structures whilst adding her own unique style.  The jewellery is beautifully intricate but deceptively resilient combining form and movement.

Nicola has already exhibited alongside estalished jewellers at the Barbican in 2010 and is now a licentiate of the Society of Designer Craftsmen.
‘Etched Print’ Series
The jewellery in this series are all one-off pieces etched with Nicola’s own prints.  These pieces are avaliable on a commission basis. For more information about this series please contact Nicola. All of the jewellery are predominantly made with sterling silver with some stainless steel findings

Nicola MATHER silhouette_ring_2
Nicola Mather silhouette ring 2

Nicola MAThER- poppy_seed_print_brooch
Nicola Matherpoppy seed print brooch

Nicola Mather - silhouette_ring_1
Nicola Mathersilhouette ring
Nicola MatherFibonacci brooch – ‘Dandelion’ Series – stainless steel laser welded together with various gemstones and pearls in the ‘seeds’


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