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EXPO ‘What do you have in your hands?’ – Micromundi Museum, Besalu (ES) – 30 Juill.-11 Sept. 2011

Bórax08001 takes to the streets again!

This time, Bórax08001 went to the picturesque town of Besalú in Catalonia to talk to the inhabitants of this medieval jewel (pun intended!) and ask them: What do you have in your hands?

The reactions of the kind persons of Besalú, as well as the jewels Bórax08001 used for this action, can be visited at the Micromundi Museum, alongside the fabulous collection of miniatures, from July 30 to September 11, 2011.


Museu de Miniatures i Microminiatures de Besalú
Pl. Prat de St. Pere, 15,
17850 Besalú  (Cataluña – ESP)
Tel. +34 972591842

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