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EXPO ‘Intimacy’ – Chapman Gallery, Kansas State University (USA) – 8-19 Aout 2011

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« Intimacy »
Sung-Yeoul Lee‘s first solo Exhibition
Metalsmith and jeweler Sung-Yeoul Lee , “Intimacy” exhibition, August 8-19 and lecture, Friday, August 19, 3:00 pm in the Mark A. Chapman Gallery, Willard Hall, Kansas State University

EXPO 'Intimacy' - Chapman Gallery, Kansas State University (USA) - 8-19 Aout 2011 dans Exposition/Exhibition 174886_259108687439281_913003_n

MANHATTAN —Kansas State University Department of Art will present a lecture by internationally recognized metalsmith and jeweler Sung-Yeoul Lee, August 19, 3:00pm in the Mark A. Chapman Gallery, Willard Hall on Kansas State University campus. In addition to his lecture, Mr. Lee will present his collection of works in the exhibition “Intimacy” in the Mark A. Chapman Gallery from August 8-19.

Sung-Yeoul Lee is currently a Visiting Assistant Professor in Jewelry and Metals at Oklahoma State University. He holds a MFA in Metals from the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign and a BFA from Kookmin University in Korea. After graduation, he served as an artist in residence at Appalachian Center for Craft for two years.

Lee’s work has been exhibited extensively throughout the United States, Europe, and Asia, and he has received numerous awards, most notably the Grand Prize at the Cheongju International Craft Biennale in 2003. His works are in permanent collections in the Cheongju Craft Museum in Korea and Sparta Teapot Museum in North Carolina, and have been published in several books.

Sung-Yeoul Lee, as Professor Robert Coogan writes, “explores a range of work from hollowware to more personal jewelry. His intention for his work is that the wearer/owner has a personal relationship with the jewelry. Sung’s current work evolved from having foreign objects pass through the body and his newer work seems to show the jewelry emerging from the body as a growth or an emergence into the light of those precious elements that make us all individuals. He seeks to form an intimate bond between the wearer and the jewelry but it goes on to have a much greater impact. The work creates an intimate relationship between the wearer and an observer. Almost like the bearing of one’s soul.”

Sung-Yeoul Lee

« My goal is associating the idea of intimacy in jewelry object to the body. Intimacy is intrinsic to the jewelry/wearer relationship. Historically, individuals have worn jewelry not only to adorn their body but to express their physical or mental condition. As conceptual approaches to jewelry making today became popular, jewelry artists keep trying to consciously communicate their thoughts through the jewelry works. Jewelry are no longer simply body adornment; some widen our senses and challenge our perceptions. For these reasons, the idea of intimacy became a significant source of inspiration.
In my current body of works, I am trying to visualize intimate relationship between jewelry form and our body. I cast single or group of precious stone shapes which symbolize ‘Jewelry’ and they are embedded, inserted or growing in the organic form and it represented extension of human body. To do so, my works indicate a deep affinity and ties with wearer. I feel that it expresses the physical and conceptual connection between piece and wearer. It is important to me that the wearers can be able to feel themselves connected with the jewelry while wearing my works. « 

189311_2268632079402_1356578830_32722729_5339914_n dans GALERIES

37711_1525789628805_1356578830_31450932_3853031_n dans Sung-Yeoul LEE (KR)

Sung-Yeoul Lee - brooch ‘Growth series’ 2010 – Cast plastic, sterling silver, copper mesh, gold leaf, pig intestine 285429_2295662315141_1356578830_32763704_980674_n dans USA
Sung-Yeoul Lee - ring ‘Growth series’ 2010

Sung-Yeoul Lee - necklace ‘Growth series’ 2010 – Cast plastic, sterling silver, copper mesh, gold leaf, pig intestine
Sung-Yeoul Lee - necklace ‘Growth series’ 2010 – Cast plastic, sterling silver, copper mesh, gold leaf, pig intestine 

 Sung-Yeoul Lee – bracelet ‘Growth series’  2010 – Cast plastic, sterling silver, copper mesh, gold leaf, pig intestine
Sung-Yeoul Lee – brooch ‘Insertion’ 2009 – Cast plastic, sterling silver, gold foil, pig intestine



Mark A. Chapman Gallery
Willard Hall
Kansas State University

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