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EXPO ‘Current by Orizzonti’ – Atta Gallery, Bangkok (Thaïlande) – 23 Aout-23 Sept. 2011

Contemporary jewelry works of 9 female artists from 4 countries.

The contemporary jewellery association “Orizzonti, founders Meiri Ishida, Karin Kato and Yuki Sumiya, has curated the exhibition “Current”  :

EXPO 'Current by Orizzonti' - Atta Gallery, Bangkok (Thaïlande) - 23 Aout-23 Sept. 2011 dans Elisa DEVAL (IT) 228646_1951418178125_1022736872_2303663_3886357_n


An exhibition of jewelry created by 9 female artists  –Meiri Ishida, Yuki Sumiya, Yoko Shimizu, Karin Kato, Yoriko Mitsuhashi, Elisa Deval, Maria Costanza Ochoa, Poly Nikolopoulou, Rallou Katsari–  from 4 different countries –Japan, Italy, Colombia, Greece– all but one of them met while attending Alchimia School of Contemporary Jewelry in Florence, Italy. Theses young artists wish to use jewelry as a way to communicate personal messages to others.
Meiri Ishida
Meiri Ishida – felt brooch
Yoko Shimizu

Elisa Deval -  necklace 2007 – Silver, shibuishi lacquer
Poly Nikolopoulou – pendant: ‘My Doors’ – Sterling silver, Felt
Rallou Katsari




Atta Gallery
OP Garden, Unit 1109, Charoenkrung 36, Bangrak, Bangkok, Thailand 10500


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