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Dina ABARGIL, Alchimia’s just graduated,  has been exhibiting extensively in Israel and is working several galleries in Europe.

Coming Exhibitions are  :
* October 2011: Gemological Contemporary Jewellery at the Geological Museum, Ramat HaSharon, Israel
* October 2011: UltraMarine Exhibition, Shipyard Foundry, Tallinn, Estonia
*May 2012: The 6 Bienalle of Israeli Jewellery, Eretz Israel Museum, Tel Aviv.

«  I am an independent artist living and working in Tel Aviv.
Since graduating from Alchimia, I have been creating new pieces for exhibitions at selected galleries around the world.

My works are conceptual in nature. I combine organic and industrial materials with precious metals. After thoroughly researching each material to be used, I then investigate the conversation between those various materials, with the will to create harmonic and wearable pieces«
Dina ABARGIL- ‘Fiori della citta’ necklace -  concrete, shibuichi
Dina ABARGIL- longing, ring – concrete, shibuichi
Dina ABARGIL- ‘mio draggho’, pendant -mosquito net, concrete, graphite powder, shibuhici, textile
Dina ABARGIL- earrings – plexiglass, concrete, 18k gold – 2009-2010
Dina ABARGIL- neckpiece purple heart wood, ruby, pink quartz, black tourmaline, shibuhici, 18 kt & 14 kt gold  – 2011
« (Thank You Girl), I will Love You Till The End Of The World. Song by Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds from the motion picture soundtrack « Until the end of the world ». Film by: Wim Wenders – 1991; «
Dina ABARGIL- pendant – ebony, shibuhici, shakudo, volcanic ash, silk – « acrophobia », 2006-2007



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