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EXPO ‘EnContraste’ – FAD, Barcelona (Spain) – 15-17 Sept. 2011

Constanze Schreiber, Aline Berdichevsky

project room Cripta at FAD Barcelona 15-Sep-2011 – 17-Sep-2011  (during JOYA)


EnContraste —a word game in Spanish that plays with the concepts of finding (encontrar) and contrast (contraste)— is the name of their joint exhibition, where both artists make a trip through their careers in jewellery and portray their different views on the matter.
Aline Berdichevsky


Constanze Schreiber is displaying a selection of works from the last eight years, including fur necklaces and brooches of the series Ornament and Crime, as well as large silver and copper necklaces, but also works made of glass and ceramics. The use of material in Constanze’s jewellery always refers to the content of the work. Most of Schreiber’s work is inspired by antique jewellery.
Constanze Schreiber- fur necklace

For her part, Aline Berdichevsky is showing a selection of her Reconstruction series of brooches. This selection is a result of her reflections on migration, which include the contradictions, hardships and joys of living between two places. In her work, Berdichevsky transforms alabaster into geometric shapes while playing with empty spaces.
Aline Berdichevsky – Reconstruction series  brooch


Cripta at FAD Barcelona
Plaça dels Àngels, 5-6
08001 – Barcelona
Telephone: +34 93 443 75 20


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