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EXPO ‘MIA MALJOJOKI Explosive: Frozen Fireworks’ – Galerie Rob Koudjis, Amsterdam (NL) – 10 Sept.-15 Oct. 2011

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 MIA MALJOJOKI Explosive : Frozen Fireworks

Anger, excitement, surprise set off fireworks in your brain. The Finnish artist Mia Maljojoki’s aspires to capture such emotional moments in material form. She is a jewellery-maker which means her pieces of work are worn as close to your skin as the feelings they express.

Surprisingly she has chosen plaster as her preferred material and has developed a technique involving the use of synthetics to strengthen it, without losing its malleable qualities. Working with this material she is able to build up her pieces of jewellery layer by layer, like a diary with entries on all sorts of experiences and incidents.

There appears to be a link between colours and emotion: to see red with anger or green with envy, and Mia Maljojoki has made the most of this phenomenon. When wearing her work, vividly coloured fireworks don’t just explode in your head but around your neck as well.
black necklace – plaster, pigment, silver, strap – 2010

This exhibition is called Explosive : Frozen Fireworks. Fireworks are a momentary explosion to celebrate an event. They produce sound, light, color, and smoke. Simultaneously, Fireworks produce wonderment, excitement, nostalgia, and inspiration. At the same time, explosions can create fear, anger, and hate. For this exhibition Mia Maljojoki has worked to collect this ephemera to wear them on the body.
Can’t emotion be solid?
necklace – plastic, pigment, silver, rubber – 2010 




Galerie Rob Koudjis
Elandsgracht 12
1016 TV Amsterdam
T +31 (0)20 331 87 96
M +31 (0)6 139 05 554

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