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Big is BEAUTIFUL : Charlotte SINDING

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« Et si, tout à coup, les bijoux, au lieu de venir en touche finale pour sublimer la personne qui le porte, prenaient le premier rôle? Et si le porteur du bijou devenait, pour une fois, un écrin pour présenter la pièce?

Plus encore que l’univers poétique qu’elle met en scène, rendu spectaculaire par le jeu des proportions, c’est cette inversion des rôles qui me plaît dans les bagues et les broches démesurées de la suédoise Charlotte Sinding (ou Aud Charlotte Ho Sinding) … » (site irresistable)


Aud Charlotte Ho Sook Sinding about her work : « I wish to challenge the common idea of different things, and challenge both myself and others to consider and take a stand. Jewellery is excellently suited in achieving this. The piece of jewellery is strongly connected to its bearer, and it takes a lot to dare to carry one of my pieces.
I want my jewellery to be something else than passive symbols of status, and instead serve as active expressions of taking a stand, confusion and frustration.

I mainly work with unique items or in small series of 5-10 items.«
Aud Charlotte Ho Sook Sinding – « I beg your Pardon… » brooch, 2001. Latex, acrylplaster
Aud Charlotte Ho Sook Sinding -Ring in silicon,silver and fabric
Aud Charlotte Ho Sook Sinding -Ring 


« Big brooches about 200×200 mm :
I have taken my starting point in people’s and my own relationship to pets. Pets evoke many emotions that in some ways are contradictory. I made brooches of silicone, linoleum and brass, looking like ordinary pets. I have played with the contradicting feeling of fascination and disgust that arises when something is put into a new context. The pet heads become like trophies on my brooches, glazed and lifeless.« 


Aud Charlotte Ho Sook Sinding was one of Sweden’s most interesting jewellery artists. On September 20, 2009 she died too young.
Her jewellery will still live among us and continues to challenge conventional perceptions of what life is and could be respected. (Platina Gallery)

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