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EXPO ‘CHAINED APART’ – Gallery Complete, Tel Aviv (IL) – 11 Aout-21 oct. 2011


Chained Apart is an exhibition of international contemporary jewellery works by Coral Cohen, Lucie Gledhill, Heela Harel, Liana Pattihis, Einat Primo and Maud Traon showing at Gallery Complete, Tel Aviv.



Coral Cohen

EXPO 'CHAINED APART' - Gallery Complete, Tel Aviv (IL) - 11 Aout-21 oct. 2011 dans Coral COHEN (IL) Coral_Cohen01_Leonie_Philpot_Chained_Apart_Gallery_Complete_2011Coral_Cohen02_Leonie_Philpot_Chained_Apart_Gallery_Complete_2011 dans Einat PRIMO (IL)

 Coral Cohen lives and works in Tel Aviv. She graduated from Shenkar College of Engineering and Design in Ramat Gan, Tel Aviv in 2010 and in the year since has participated in exhibitions both in Israel and abroad including The Private Life of Sculpture at the Traver Gallery, Seattle. Consume is Cohen’s new collection of one-off rings and brooches where the mechanical mass-produced chain is chewed-up and then disgorged, turning it back into the decorative feature. Her jewellery is skillfully made and fuses the macabre with the idea of growth and decay resulting in playful, beautiful yet often sinister jewellery / craft sculptures.


Lucie Gledhill

Lucie_Gledhill01_Leonie_Philpot_Chained_APart_Gallery_Complete_2011 dans Exposition/ExhibitionLucie_Gledhill02_Leonie_Philpot_Chained_Apart_Gallery_Complete_2011 dans Gal. Complete (IL)

Lucie Gledhill is a jewellery designer from London. She studied at the Royal College of Art in 2007-2009 where she developed her passion for chain and love for jewellery-making processes as an experiential medium of expression. With conceptual art influences, her Chain of Thought collection links together handmade solid silver components and the exploration of scale and form. As her work has developed she finds herself drawn to manipulating mass-produced chain to create clean lines and smooth shapes, all the while finding gradual inspiration from the physical act of making.


Heela Harel

Heela_Harel01_Leonie_Philpot_Chained_Apart_Gallery_Complete_2011 dans Heela HAREL (IL)Heela_Harel02_Leonie_Philpot_Chained_Apart_Gallery_Complete_2011 dans Israel (IL)

 Heela Harel lives and works in Florentine, Tel Aviv and is a 2006 graduate of Fashion Design at Shenkar College of Engineering and Design in Ramat Gan, Tel Aviv. In her years since college she has continued her career in design and has maintained work both in film and production as well as a fashion writer in Ha’ir magazine and columnist in Rating magazine. Her new collection #1 of neon thread and ‘frozen’ linked chain is her first jewellery ensemble from her accessories label Hi! Her work is graphic in nature and is inspired by her travel influences and is an extension of her eclectic career.

Liana Pattihis

Liana_Pattihis01_Leonie_Philpot_Chained_Apart_Gallery_Complete_2011 dans Liana PATTIHIS (CY/UK)Liana_Pattihis02_Leonie_Philpot_Chained_Apart_Gallery_Complete_2011 dans Lucie GLEDHILL (UK)

Liana Pattihis is from Cyprus and since 1980 has lived and worked in London. Her art jewellery stretches the boundaries of what can be achieved with enamel as a medium. With her own unique method of sifting and fusing enamel on a movable base, she often uses silver and gold chain to make necklaces and brooches which ultimately cannot be pre-conceived; each piece is allowed to create itself. In the years since she graduated from Middlesex University in 2007 she has made astounding works for many exhibitions around the world including SOFA (represented by Charon Kransen Arts) and continues to rewrite her signature style and expertise with enamel.
Einat Primo

Einat_Primo01_Leonie_Philpot_Chained_Apart_Gallery_Complete_2011 dans Maud TRAON (FR)Einat_Primo02_Leonie_Philpot_Chained_Apart_Gallery_Complete_2011

Einat Primo is from Israel and currently lives and works in Vancouver, Canada. She has participated in a number of contemporary jewellery shows at the Eretz Israel Museum in Tel Aviv and won the 1989 Shapiro prize for Judaica during her Jewellery and Metalwork studies at Bezalel Academy of Art and Design in Jerusalem between 1987 and 1991. Her work is a curious combination of symbols, texture and motif often resulting in ambiguous forms of jewellery; she crosses boundaries between craft, bead work and metalwork often using pixels and dots to draw and imitate traditional forms or motifs found in popular culture. Her chains follow the pattern of ribbons in their flexibility and take on the form of links in the their repetitive sequences.


Maud Traon


 Maud Traon is from France and is a leading international artist in her field of art jewellery. She is an award winner for pushing boundaries in jewellery design and has gained extensive academic and institutional acclaim for her avant-garde designs with her colourful, oversized rings-as-sculptures. Often using ready-made and throwaway plastic toys and glitter, she explores the mixing-together of consumable materials and the idea of longevity inherent in jewellery to produce provocative and seductive objects. Recently selling work at Collect 2011 at the Saatchi Gallery and showcasing in the Electrum Gallery shop window installation project this summer in London, her work is continuing to grow in the UK and France predominantly. La Misere Serait Moins Penible au Soleil (Misery Would Be Less Painful in the Sun) is the title of one of her pieces exhibited in Chained Apart and shows her playful poetic license, merging together mass-produced junk with ideals of beauty and artistically crafting scenarios with unexpected materials.


Gallery Complete
66089, ISRAEL
tel 00972 (0)527 599422

Opening times: MON – THURS, 11AM – 5PM (please contact us to make an appointment at any other time)

COUP de COEUR : Yael NISSAN – under the sea

Classé dans : COUP DE COEUR,Israel (IL),SHENKAR (IL),www DesignBreak,Yael NISSAN (IL) — bijoucontemporain @ 0:07

“Into The Wild” is Yael Nissan’s graduation project at the Jewelry Design Department of Shenkar College of Engineering and Design. While daydreaming (one of Yael’s favorite activities), she sails to her imaginary world containing her most hidden thoughts. A world full of mystery, magic, color, textures and details comes to life while Yael literary sleepwalks. In Yael’s eyes, her accessories aren’t silent, they keep living and breathing in her fantasy world. (site Designbreak)
Yael Nissannecklace – silver, silicon
Yael Nissanring – silver
Yael Nissanbracelet – silver (detail)
Yael Nissanring – silver   (looks like wood !!)

EXPO ‘IN-CARNE’ – Bastille Design Center, Paris (FR) – 15 Sept. 2011

Classé dans : Emmanuel LACOSTE (FR),Exposition/Exhibition,PARIS — bijoucontemporain @ 0:03


incarné, ée
part. passé (in-kar-né, née) d’incarner
1. Terme de théologie. Devenu chair, en parlant de la Divinité.
2. Se dit de qualifications bonnes ou mauvaises qu’on attribue avec force à quelqu’un. C’est un diable incarné, un démon incarné.
3. Terme de chirurgie. Ongle incarné, ongle entré dans les chairs.
Emmanuel Lacoste – Bague « Chair » – or 22k, viande lyophilisée – 2009
Emmanuel Lacoste – Collier minerve ‘Pouls’ – argent, cuir, croûte de cuir – 2006


Annabelle Petit (maquilleuse), Christophe Martinez (artiste plasticien), et Emmanuel Lacoste sont tous les trois mais chacun dans leur domaine des professionnels de la beauté. Pour eux le corps est un outil de travail mais surtout une source d’inspiration sans limites.

… le travail d’Emmanuel Lacoste s’inscrit dans un domaine de recherche aux entrées multiples, articulées autour du rapport de l’objet au corps et du corps à l’objet. Le bijou, premier support de l’artiste, présente une spécificité dans son rapport immédiat et physique au corps. Nous le portons sur et parfois même dans notre enveloppe corporelle. Cette proximité engendre une relation très intime et personnelle avec l’objet. Pour lui, le Corps est un animal domestique. Il est habillé, coiffé, tatoué, paré.
Emmanuel Lacoste- « Le silence est d’or »


L’exposition In-Carne qui se tiendra le soir du 15 septembre au Bastille Design Center sera l’occasion pour ces trois artistes de vous proposer leur propre vision de la beauté ainsi que de la matière et de vous transporter dans leurs univers.

-EMMANUEL LACOSTE -bijou, sculpture et photographie.
-CHRISTOPHE MARTINEZ -sculpture et photographie.
-ANNABELLE PETIT -sculpture et peinture.
+ Performance de RODOLPHE CINTORINO à 20h.

Fidèle à son engagement dans l’art, Grolsch soutiendra le vernissage de l’exposition In-Carne

Le jeudi 15 septembre à partir de 18h
Bastille Design Center
74 Bd Richard Lenoir
75011 Paris


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