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EXPO ‘Kristyna Spanihelova – MATERIALITA BYTI’ – Bratislava (Slovakia) – 15-23 Sept. 2011

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Kristyna Spanihelova – MATERIALITA BYTI

Výstava Materialita Bytí, v kaplnke sv.Jána evanjelistu vo Frantikanskom kostole, ul. Frantiskanska 2, Bratislava; dnes a zítra od 13:00-17:00

 Kristýna Spanihelova studied under the guidance of professor Karol Weisslechner at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in the atelier of Metal and Jewellery. She took part in academic internship programmes in the jewellery atelier at the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague (CZ) and studied design at the Academy in Ljubljana (SLO). Her works not only received various prizes (design competition Rings in Water 2007, Slovak jewellery competition Slovenský šperk 2005,2006…) but are on display in her home country and abroad as well. Kristýna presents a collection of bone jewellery from the cycle Život [i.e. Life] ANIMA. In her series of jewellery Kristýna primarily deals with the growth and development of feminine nature and principle. Anima combines in itself the deeper and rationally imperceptible mystery of life. Jewellery from the cycle Life ANIMA are made of bleached bones which complement the carved-out silver lace work, synthetic pearls, gold foil, pyrites, coral and beads.

Kristýna ŠpanihelováKristýna Spanihelova   - serie ANIMA

kristyna spanihelova

Kristýna Španihelová

Kristýna Španihelová

EXPO ‘Reconnected !’ – Schmuckgalerie Brigitte Berndt, Regensburg (DE) – 16 Sept.-15 Oct. 2011

 ’Reconnected ! ‘ -  Jewellery from Idar-Oberstein

at Schmuckgalerie Brigitte Berndt / Regensburg
16.09 – 15.10.2011
opening: 16.09.2011, 6pm

Brigitte Berndt takes 6 alumni from Fachhochschule für Schmuckdesign Idar-Oberstein to Regensburg.
All of them passed their exam at the same time and lost sight of each other. With « reconnected! » Brigitte Berndt will arrange a kind of « class reunion » in her gallery.



Fachhochschule Esd Idar-Oberstein :  exhibition of our graduates :
Marcella Ferretti
Antje Stolz
Sabine Conrad
Sachiyo Higaki
Lisa Kroeber
Silke Rehermann
Antje Stolz Halsschmuck „as light as a stone“ Schieferfurnier, Emaillelack
Sachiyo Higaki

EXPO 'Reconnected !' - Schmuckgalerie Brigitte Berndt, Regensburg (DE) - 16 Sept.-15 Oct. 2011 dans Allemagne (DE) 52441_n

Silke Rehermann- kette
Sabine Conrad  Brosche

kette-Vorahnung dans Antje STOLZ (DE)

Lisa Kroeber (Kröber) – kette
Marcella Ferretti – alu ketten



at Schmuckgalerie Brigitte Berndt / Regensburg
schmuckgalerie berndt
untere bachgasse 11
93047 regensburg (DE)




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