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COUP de BLANC avec Silke FLEISCHER – recent work

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About the works « pickups & fittings » :

« A lot of it would be called nothing – a thing or an object or any word you want to give it. » (Eva Hesse)
The most recent series of jewellery artist Silke Fleischer embraces the everyday object as a precious thing. In ‘Pickups’ and ‘Fittings’ she focuses and zooms in on our relation with mass-produced objects, usually lacking our attention, but intrinsically sharing a hidden and purposeful design. A lot of these ‘things’ do not even have a name, exemplary for their daily ‘invisibility’. By picking them up and de-contextualizing them, Fleischer is redefining these ‘objects’ to ‘things’ (referring to Martin Heidegger on ‘things’: a thing is an object we appropriate and link closely to our personal life). What she creates is above all a ‘rendez-vous’, a fortuitous encounter with a thing that was plucked from its habitual context and promoted to another status. (Evelien Bracke)
Silke FleischerNeckpiece ‘Pickup white #1′ 2011 – Painted aluminium, cotton, flax, nylon - photo: © Niko Caignie
Silke FleischerNeckpiece ‘Pickup white #1′  – detail
Silke Fleischer – neckpiece ‘Pickup white #2′  2011 – Painted aluminium, cotton, nylonphoto: © Niko Caignie
Silke Fleischer – neckpiece ‘Pickup white #3′  2011 – Painted aluminium, cotton, nylonphoto: © Niko Caignie
Silke Fleischer – neckpiece ‘Pickup white #3′  – detail
Silke Fleischer -piece ‘Pickup white #XL’  2011 – Non-woven - photo: © De Veerman
Silke Fleischer – bracelet: Setting #1 2011 – Polyamide  - photo: © Niko Caignie
Silke Fleischer – neckpiece ‘Milk #1′ 2011 – Porcelain, nylon- photo: © Niko Caignie

upcoming exhibitions…

* Changing Jewellery by 10
Ghyczy – new values
knaackstrasse 96, Berlin, Germany
Opens September 9th, 2011

* Conceptual Jewellery
Art Gallery « Putti »

Marstalu Street 16, Riga, Latvia
September 28th to October 22th, 2011
Opens September 22th, 18h.

* PIN Anonimum
Largo da Boa Hora, Lisbon, Portugal
September 28th to November 27th, 2011
Opens September 28th, 23h.


* European Triennial for Contemporary Jewellery
WCC-BF Rue de la Trouille, 17/02, 7000 Mons, Belgium
October 29th to January 15th, 2012
Opens October 28th, 19h.

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