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EXPO ‘Pebble – Gem – Soulstones’ – Ariane Hartmann Werkstattgalerie, Hagen (DE) – 18 Sept.-29 Oct. 2011

Stones. Pressure, heat, time and a certain composition are the components of their formation. Their value is different but every stone is unique. Lined with gold leaf, wrapped in plastic, mounted or described – Tanja Emmert, Vitalis Kubach, Simone Rahn and Tiffany Rowe show their different ways using stones.



Simone Rahn:
« I like the little surprises in life. Once in 2000 I stumbled into a vineyard snail cemetary. Their houses so beautifull lying in the mud – what  a waste! Touched by the simultaneous delicacy and robustness and the unique contours of their structure I searched for a way to give them a second life – since then I write on them. But not only on shell but on River stones in all sizes, shapes and colors, but also tree bark, wood, Christmas balls – in short, everything that can be written on… « 


Tiffany Rowe:
Liquorice galuchat
Inspired by the famous Liquorice Allsorts sweeties and their hundred and thousand sugar bead coating, Tiffany Rowe decided to create a colourful collection of globular pendants as intriguing to the eye as they are to the touch. Fascinated by the granular surface of shagreen (sharksin or galuchat, in vogue in the 1930′s), Tiffany wanted to recreate a modern version of this delightful substance. The pendants are thus covered with a myriad of tiny beads which compliment the twinkle of the precious stones.
Tiffany Rowe- pebble collection
Tiffany Rowe- necklace: Liquorice Galuchat – resin Beads


Vitalis Kubach:
The goldsmith Vitalis Kubach, a graduate of the Fachhochschule Idar-Oberstein, uses both metals and stones. Vitalis Kubach regards her works as more than pure objects: through them she would like to mediate between the visible and the invisible worlds and grant things a soul.

EXPO 'Pebble - Gem - Soulstones' - Ariane Hartmann Werkstattgalerie, Hagen (DE) - 18 Sept.-29 Oct. 2011 dans Allemagne (DE) vitalisthumb
Vitalis Kubach

mj_Arielle dans Exposition/Exhibition
Tanja Emmert Ring: Mounted Jewel ‘Arielle’ – gemstone, turquoise, agate, rock crystal, finegold



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