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EXPO ‘Les Cobayes’ – Galerie Noel Guyomarc’h, Montreal (Quebec) – 23 Sept.-2 Oct. 2011

 Exposition ‘Les Cobayes’.

Des pièces uniques et surprenantes vous attendent à cette exposition.
En effet, 9 joaillières partageront avec vous leurs pièces résultant d’une année entière d’ateliers de création dirigés par Noel Guyomarc’h.

Participantes aux ateliers de création dirigés par Noel Guyomarc’h
Avec: Gabrielle DesmaraisJessie Grèves — Cynthia Quintana — Lidia Raymond — Anne-Marie RébillardMarianne SéguinCatherine Sheedy — Julie Tougas  — Émilie Trudel


EXPO 'Les Cobayes' - Galerie Noel Guyomarc'h, Montreal (Quebec) - 23 Sept.-2 Oct. 2011 dans Anne-Marie REBILLARD (CA) 276516_168399063240799_1193104892_n
Anne-Marie Rébillard
Marianne Séguin
Marianne Séguin
Jessie Grèves
Gabrielle Desmarais
Émilie Trudel
Émilie Trudel 




Galerie Noel Guyomarc’h
137 Laurier ouest
Montreal, QC H2T 2N6 (Montreal, Quebec)

EXPO ‘I never played tennis’ – Mette Saabye Gallery, Copenhagen (DK) – 23 Sept.-15 Oct. 2011

 » I Never Played Tennis » is a story about growing up and learning about oneself and the world around you. It is about the what kind of woman I wanted to be, thought I should be and the kind of women I became. It is about Dallas, Durban and Dynasty. It is about dreams and reality

EXPO 'I never played tennis' - Mette Saabye Gallery, Copenhagen (DK) - 23 Sept.-15 Oct. 2011 dans Danemark (DK)

bijoux de Helen Clara Hemsley

Born in Durban, South Africa in 1969
Helen Clara Hemsley lives in Copenhagen, Denmark
BA (Honours) Fine Art – Glasgow School of Art, Scotland 1998
Institut for Ædelmetal 2010

Helen Clara Hemsley‘the other side of the story’ necklace – 2010

Helen Clara Hemsley‘opposites attract’ 2010

Helen Clara Hemsleybrooch 2008 – plaster and latex

« I combine unexpected materials, symbols and moods in my jewellery to create and tell stories. I am not afraid of tackling the heavy topics in life, as well as the personal and the funny. I treat all my topics with respect and humour and they, in turn, are influenced by my own experiences and opinions.« 


et ça que j’adore ! :-)
the single sock solution 2009 – HILSE (med Sidsel Götke)



Mette Saabye Gallery
Studiestræde 25B, 1455 København, Denmark

EXPO ‘POWERWORK FROM PORTUGAL’ – Galerie Slavik, Vienna (AT) – 22 Sept.-15 Oct. 2011


Ana Albuquerque, Alexandra Serpa Pimentel, Filomeno P. de Sousa, Dulce FerrazFilomena Praça, Tereza Seabra, Paula Crespo, Ana Couto
22. Sept. – 15. Oct. 2011
Exhibition opening: 22 Sept. 2011, 6 p.m. – 8 p.m.



Portuguese jewellery art – a variety of gorgeous works and captivating forms

A compelling display of works by Portuguese jewellery artists opens the new panorama of exhibitions at Vienna’s Galerie Slavik. The range of unique pieces of jewellery encompasses strictly geometric, richly pictorial and consistently reduced creations.

The golden necklace by Ana Albuquerque, who has intensively explored the material gold and its history, is a compelling piece of simple and strictly reduced form, which is further accentuated by the glow of gold.

The name of Tereza Seabra, an artist who in the course of her training studied with Thomas Gentile in New York, has become synonymous with contemporary jewellery art in Lisbon today. Her golden vintage pendants take us on a journey into the past, a picture diary of old photographs and miniature landscapes painted on ivory and framed in gold.

The golden ring sculptures by Paula Crespo, one of the most noted Portuguese jewellery artists, are powerful, wearable miniature sculptures.
The works by Alexandra Serpa Pimentel are based on natural forms and structures. She designs powerfully expressive necklaces which in movement seem to merge with their wearers in fluid unity.
Alexandra Serpa Pimentel- silver and steel thread


The white paper brooches by Ana Coutos appear to float as weightlessly as a feather.

The exciting series of « Luster – Territories » brooches in silver, aluminum, lacquer and gold leaf by Dulce Ferraz reflect topographic morphologies created by man and nature.
Galerie Slavik
Himmelpfortgasse 17
A-1010 Vienna
Telephone: +43 1 513 48 12
Fax: +43 1 513 07 48


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