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Hannah Fewtrell-Bolton :  I am currently an MA student at BCU Birmingham studying Jewellery, Silversmithing and Related Products

« I have a great excitement for fashion, the way it enables the wearer to express a personality and style on a daily basis without having to even speak a single word fascinates me.
‘The art of getting dressed allows the wearer to prepare the body for society, choosing whether to conform to the idea of what is normal or not.’
Fashion is about making a statement whether you consciously choose to make one or not. Everything defines us whether it be, jeans and a T-shirt or a dress made of meat, each is a statement the later being the most obvious. I am interested in making a statement, causing a reaction.
My work is an exploration of the human psyche especially the inner child. i use experimental and advanced plastics to create playful pieces exploring fancy dress. i combine textiles, metal and well anything i can lay my hand on to explore a wealth of textures and colours. « 

Hannah’s work has been developed from her exploration into the fragility of life. The continuous desire to deepen her knowledge has led her to further question the idea of body image.
“I find the idea that life is so fragile, yet we continue to act in a way that we see ourselves to be indestructible incredibly fascinating.”
Intrigued by this balance, she creates personal concepts and explores them academically and visually.
Using a series of images she began exploring the aesthetics of the human form at it extremities of weight.
Her one off pieces utilise a combination of materials, which are used to symbolically express her thoughts. Though the pieces are wearable, her intention is to produce an item, which is aesthetically beautiful when not in use.
The presentation of the work plays an important role: Hannah likes to provoke a reaction with the viewer
“I offer a platform for a personal debate on my understanding of the concept but simultaneously the viewer can read into the work on a much more personal level.”
Hannah Fewtrell-Bolton - « fragility 1″ – glass, textile

Hannah Fewtrell-Bolton - restriction 3 – conceptual textile

Hannah Fewtrell-Bolton - Textile, base metal and advanced plastics

Hannah Fewtrell-Bolton - piece 1 – maquette – Advanced plastics and base metal



Hannah Fewtrell-Bolton - piece 5 – Textile, Advanced plastics and base metal

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