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 Lydia FEAST
 Working directly from her own photographic explorations and intuitive visual compositions, Lydia has explored the concept of contrasting elements. Working with materials including silver and enamel, Lydia has focused on experiments with surface pattern. She has produced a collection of wearable and non-wearable pieces, challenging in their composition, that stimulate an emotional interaction with the viewer and wearer. Echoing references to time and nature whilst combining a modern clean aesthetic, this collection brings together contrasting elements illustrating a harmony between chaos and calm, new and old and silence and noise, inspired by her research into chaos theory:
the underlying order in some of nature’s most random processes
The techniques used in the collection are potential chaotic but the results are inherently calm. Each piece is unique as a result of the carefully controlled but ultimately random outcome capturing chaos and calm and moments in between.
« I see these pieces as small scale installations presented in a gallery context with some pieces possessing the capacity to be worn« 

September 2006 to June 2009:
First Class Honours Degree, BA Jewellery and Silversmithing School Of Jewellery, Birmingham City University. England   (from BIAD)

Lydia Feast - brooch
Lydia Feast Chaos and Calm’ brooch in white metal, enamel and steel

Leila Arzaghi
Lydia Feast- ‘Chaos’ series – Vitreous enamel and white metal brooch

Lydia Feast- ‘Moments In Between’ Enamel Brooch white metal enamel with stencil detail (front & back)

Lydia Feast- ‘State of Utter Confusion’ brooch – « Chaos & Calm » serie - oxidised white metal (front & back)
Lydia Feast-  brooch
Lydia Feast-  brooch (new work)

Lydia Feast-  brooch (new work)

Lydia Feast-  brooch (new work)

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  1. fairepartoo faire part naissance dit :

    Je suis subjuguée par ces créations :)
    Merci de m’avoir fait découvrir cet artiste.


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