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EXPO ‘Sandra Enterline: Pretty Crude’ – Velvet da Vinci Gallery, San Francisco (USA) – 14 Sept.-16 Oct. 2011

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Sandra Enterline at  Velvet da Vinci Gallery


Sandra Enterline‘s work has been a part of Velvet da Vinci for many years. It is easily recognizable, perforated by mind-boggling numbers of meticulously drilled holes in the surface of otherwise clean, minimal pieces. Each piece creates complex shadows and silhouettes, working with and never against the light that pierces through it. In this new collection of work she goes beyond these windows of perforations to create space and capture light with diamonds. Using diamond slices, she suspends them in crude, industrial settings to allow the light to pass through each piece. Light and space are as much a material in this work as the gold, oxidized silver, and diamonds will be.
Sandra Enterline- Diamond Slice Brooch (front)
Sandra Enterline- Diamond Slice Brooch (back)
Sandra Enterline- Diamond Slice Necklace
Sandra Enterline- Diamond Slice Necklace (detail)




Sandra Enterline statement:

« I have created a series of pieces that is about preciousness. The materials that I have chosen to incorporate into the work are precious: diamonds, petroleum and panned gold. Each substance is appealing in its own way. The diamond slices are organic in shape and flawed with inclusions and streaks of grey, black and yellow. The petroleum is dark amber, gritty and rich in color and consistency. The gold flakes are delicate — floating in liquid like particles in a snow globe. These materials are from and embody the earth. They all share a precious existence. The panned gold and the petroleum harken back to a simpler time. Explorers would spend their time in rivers in hopes of capturing the tiny flecks of treasure in their metal pans. I siphoned the petroleum directly from Drake Well in Titusville, Pennsylvania, a few miles from where I was born. Discovered in 1859, it is the first oil well in North America. This oil is sentimental to me, as well as a curiously beautiful substance. At the time oil was discovered at Drake Well, there was an optimistic sentiment in the world. However, today, oil, diamonds and gold are synonymous with war, destruction of the natural environment, wealth, power, and fear.
I have chosen labware/ampules to house some of the materials, specifically the oil and the gold. This is a reference to science. I want them to look like specimens that a researcher might analyze and ponder the specifics of quality and purity of the substance contained wthin. I am also revisiting my souvenir project from a decade ago. »

Ultimately, I am searching for the materials in the jewelry to be harmonious and perplexing at the same time. They fit for right now, and they fit a distant past. I wish for them to be both simple and complex. The story is to be put together by the wearer. »

Velvet da Vinci Gallery
2015 Polk Street
San Francisco CA 94109
Phone 415.441.0109

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