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Coup de coeur, découverte, tout ce que vous voudrez !!! :-) des colliers tous plus somptueux les uns que les autres !

« Francisca Bauza is a young jewellery artist from Germany. She studies Gemstone and Jewellery Design in Fachhohschule Trier in Idar-Oberstein,Germany. Textile is an essential material in her work. It’s a feminine material, which is really closely related to the body. Francisca’s pieces are beautiful, strong and yet tender. They tell stories about inner strenghts of people. » (Galleri Norsu)

« About my pieces :
The material textile is essential in my works.Textile reveals emotions, which are strongly connected to my own life and the human body itself. In my pieces I use textile in a direct way or I communicate the idea of its versatile language through out another material. This feminine material, which carries feelings of security, is strongly alive. When it comes in relation to the human body they affect themselves and are shaped by this interrelation. Folds are a connection point between the human body and the material textile. Folding interacts with the body; they turn the body around to emphasis the inside. Textile folds that are draped around our body express and shape our inner surface. These folds, which are cloth to the human body, communicate the inner strengths of a person. »
Francisca Bauza)


*Mediterraneo Livorno 2011
*SOFA NY Charon Kransen Arts « mediterranean meetings & horizons »
Diplomthema: « Ausschnitte » (FH Trier) – Betreuung: Prof. Theo Smeets & Willemijn de Greef
Francisca Bauzamonogramm

COUP de COEUR :  Francisca BAUZA FORSTER dans Allemagne (DE) 11_Francisca_Bauza_patronII
Francisca Bauza – Patron II necklace

3_Francisca_Bauza_roja dans COUP DE COEUR
Francisca Bauzaroja

4_Francisca_Bauza_colorada1 dans Francisca BAUZA (DE)
Francisca Bauzacolorada

8_Francisca_Bauza_tornasol1 dans IDAR OBERSTEIN/Hochschule TRIER (DE)
Francisca Bauzatornasol

Francisca Bauzaturquesa
Francisca Bauzà-Förster, Halsschmuck:Kupfer emalliert, Silber, Textil

Francisca Bauzà-Förster
Francisca Bauzà-Förster la dobladura roja

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