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Lucia MASSEI, coup de coeur toujours !

Lucia Massei, director of Alchimia is now part of the artists in Galerie Sofie Lachaert

« intense colours, mediterranean atmospheres, light and the illusive shine of gold, together with the seduction of black ornaments that seem to take us into etruscan banquets, these are the distinctive features of Lucia Massei’s jewellery.
“We stay on the surface because we feel the depth”, would be a phrase to describe the feeling Lucia’s jewellery can give « 
Here are some of her new (MARVELLOUS !) work

Lucia Massei - 'café della pace' gold, oxidized silver, spinelLucia Massei - « caffè della pace » necklace – 18k yellow gold, oxidated silver, black spinels


Lucia Massei- «Le parole vengono dopo» 2011Lucia Massei - ring « le parole vengono dopo » 2011 . Yellow gold, fire opals.

Lucia Massei - Ophelia | necklace year 2011 silver, white gold, pigmentsLucia Massei – « Ophelia » necklace year 2011 silver, white gold, pigments

Lucia Massei - Caffè della Pace | brooches year 2011 oxidated silver, yellow gold, black spinelsLucia Massei – « Caffè della Pace » brooch 2011 oxidated silver, yellow gold, black spinels

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