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Keri KWIK  (US – illinois) ……… qui s’avère être Kerianne Quick !!! :-) )

Kerianne Quick was born in 1977 in Glendale, California and graduated from San Diego State University in 2002. In college she studied applied arts with emphasis in metalsmithing under Helen Shirk. During her undergraduate education she studied abroad at the Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and Design in Scotland, a period of time which would prove to have recurring influence on the progression of her work and thinking. In 2011 Kerianne will graduate from the University of Illinois with a Masters of Fine Art in Metals. In 2011-2012 as Kate Neal Kinley Fellow Kerianne will take a position at the jewelry design foundation Chi ha paura…? in Amsterdam where she will work closely with influential designer and founder of Droog Design, Gijs Bakker. Kerianne’s multicultural upbringing has afforded her an acute awareness of the subtle similarities and extreme differences that exist between peoples and places. This unique perspective has transformed into a voracious curiosity of others, a love of the act of travel and interest in the modern traditions of tourism. These interests fuel work whose fundamental objective is one of visceral understanding of a people and place, filtered through the experience of an outsider pretending to be an insider. Kerianne’s work becomes a strange commemoration of a time and place; a kind of reverse souvenir made by the visitor instead of the visited. Her material-centric and material-specific approach is intended to inspire the viewer to consider a complex network of historical, economic, and geopolitical forces that bring an object into existence.

DECOUVERTE  : Keri KWIK  dans COUP DE COEUR n679453139_913412_6129
Keri Kwik (US) – ringSaatgut – Sém – (seed) sterling silver, corrugated fine silver, non-toxic epoxy resin, dandelion seed - Encapsulated dandelion seed, collected near the tracks during a military inspection of our train at the German and Czech Republic border

« I am interested in material and source, and meaning rooted in the connections between them. I investigate how materials collect their identity, beginning with geographic origins, through cultural connections and histories, ending with the objects they become. By traveling to physically gather material and information myself I create a personal connection to the source and attempt to render that bond. I account for the journey from source to viewer, acting as a liaison, intent on bringing the two worlds closer to one another. As a result of thorough research I become expert and the work becomes a vessel for discovery, communication and understanding. Through this act I hope to discover how my role as a connector of material and histories affects the form of the object and the formulation of the role of the viewer. The work’s ultimate goal is to inspire the viewer to consider a complex network of historical, economic, and geopolitical forces that bring an object into existence. Thus I intentionally collapse the notion that art or any designed object can emerge from an insular creative bubble, untouched by history, culture and economy. The specific use of material is dictated by my own inability to express what the material can express with authority. As a maker, I cannot create what the material holds within it, thus I borrow the power of material to communicate. In turn, as a maker I release a form of the materials own agency that it cannot release itself. This is a cooperative act. » (sourcematters)


 dans Keri KWIK (US)
Keri Kwik – Pectoral – 2010 – Hawaiian turbinado sugar, granulated sugar, hemp*KlebKuyDWmPQmrao2RDq5tg5Pj0NG8U-nC8Gve7MPB4-dZpB5zz5BybVYnl/boarhis72.jpg?width=333&height=504

(series called “Māmalu Hale o Kane (Protection of the House of Kane)”)

 dans organics
Keri Kwik

 dans USA
Keri Kwikneck collar 2010

Keri Kwikneck collar 2010 – detail
Kerianne Quick (Keri Kwik)‘s necklace made of sugar

Keri Kwik  La Leche, La Carne, La Luz: Maid, Mother and Crone
Maid’s Ring: reclaimed bronze, baby tooth
Mother’s Ring: reclaimed fine silver, wisdom tooth
Crone’s Ring: dental gold, porcelain and gold tooth from grandmothers bridge

Rings commemorating the three stages of a woman’s life and the astrological phenomenon known as the Return of Saturn.
Maids’ Ring/ La Leche–symbolizing virginity, pure potential, hope and innocence
Mothers’ Ring/La Carne–symbolizing the protector, fertility, growth, strength and duty
Crones’ Ring/La Luz– the matriarch; symbolizing wisdom, silence, transformation and the transition into death.


The School of Art and Design’s 2011 Master of Fine Arts Exhibition in the Krannert Art Museum is the culmination of up to three years of concentrated studio research and practice and includes the work of Jung Eun Chang, Qi Chen, Michael Elwell, Karri Fischer, Motoko Furuhashi, Anna Gutsch, Katie Latona, Huang Li, Yi Liao, Kerianne Quick, Moonki Son, Shuo Yang, and Anne Youngquist. For these artists and designers, this exhibition showcases graduate research and practice and functions as a tangible thesis, an essential companion to the required written text that distinguishes their Master of Fine Arts degree. More significantly, this exhibition is an educational space that functions as an extension of the studio and classroom—a public platform upon which objects and images are positioned so as to propose arguments, ask questions and sustain dialogue. The careful crafting of these arguments and the explicit mastery of materials evidenced in these creative works reveal the intense commitment that these artists and designers have made to their chosen field of study. The School of Art and Design celebrates their achievement!
Exhibition Dates: April 16th through May 1st 2011 , Krannert Art Museum*p4Q9GsalTNiPzRVBM7LQkLMFhJFop7lceMgNKUDKAIJb54F5avGdhkGWGN/modelsdiamfashow150.jpg?width=428&height=600

EXPO ‘Skin, jewels and others curiosities’ – B-side Festival – Amsterdam (NL) – 3-6 Nov 2011

« Skin, jewels and others curiosities » at
Dermadonna Custom Tattoos / Kloveniersburgwal 34 / Amsterdam 

B-side DownTownArtJewelry Festival
From 3rd to 6th november


Skin, Jewels and others Curiosities

Florie Dupont draws her inspiration from nature, from an organic world where the notions of eternal and perishable are mixing together.
Muriel Laurent’s creations come from her desire to imagine a hybridization between humans and plants. The jewels proliferate on the body as a bio-techno-prosthesis.

EXPO ‘Skin, jewels and others curiosities’ - B-side Festival - Amsterdam (NL) - 3-6 Nov 2011 dans B-Side Festival
(bird brooches by Florie Dupont – rings & pins by Muriel Laurent)



Dermadonna Custom Tattoos
Kloveniersburgwal 34


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