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EXPO ‘Timothy McMahon: (un)earth’ – Beyond Fashion Gallery, Antwerp (BE) – 27 Oct.-3 Dec. 2011

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Timothy McMahon: (un)earth

The latest work by jeweler Timothy McMahon is presented under the title (un)earth, classifying the series of brooches and body objects in the realm of anti-rocks, frozen nonsensically at a point of fictional metamorphosis between raw ore and traditionally refined object. Symbolically these pieces seek to unearth the truth of material as buried by process, technique, and labor. Oversized and ornamental prongs compete with cut gems while both become engulfed by geological chunks of shattered enamel. The snake begins to eat its tail as these objects inch closer to a genuine desire to become the objects of their own origin.

I find inspiration in a system of evolution as applied to personal aesthetic. Each piece I create causes questions to form that can only be answered—and evaluated—through subsequent work. This design process leads me to explore issues of scale, color harmony, and form that reveal the core of what pleases, revolts, and bores me—equally important subjects. In sharing these experimentations in the form of jewelry I confront and challenge others to question their own aesthetic and (re)define how they see their own world.”

Timothy McMahon  brooch*-/Screenshot20110117at12.34.10PM.png
Timothy McMahon LumpBrD brooch
Timothy McMahon LumpBrC brooch (back)
Timothy McMahon brooch

Timothy McMahon


Beyond Fashion
Pourbusstraat 7
2000 – Antwerp
Telephone: +3232378541


video :


Classé dans : COUP DE COEUR,feutre / felt,metal,Samantha SKELTON (US),USA — bijoucontemporain @ 0:06

(avec tous ces coups de coeur, je vais avoir un arrêt cardiaque ;-) ….)

« I am currently working on my MFA in metalsmithing at Miami University. My work involves the combination of felted alpaca fleece and sterling silver in small vessels and jewelry. » Samantha SKELTON

Samantha Skelton -
« Growth » – copper with a liver of sulfur patina and glass enamel with drawn detail in pencil.

 dans feutre / felt
Samantha Skelton - « Balance »

 dans metal dans Samantha SKELTON (US) dans USA
Samantha Skelton - « Lucky catch » – Sterling Silver, Felted Alpaca

Samantha Skelton -  « Nala » – alpaca, copper, freshwater pearls, silver

Samantha Skelton - « watch » ring (detail)

Samantha Skelton - « watch » ring


EXPO ‘Jean François PERENA « CREATEUR DE BIJOUX »‘ – Galerie L’Arcade, Genève (CH) – 2 Dec. 2011-28 Janv. 2012

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Prochaine exposition 2011-2012 : 2 décembre 2011 – 28 janvier 2012

Edith Moldaschl
vous convie à découvrir
les créations de
Jean François PEREÑA

Vernissage le vendredi 2 décembre dès 15 heures
Jean-François Pereña sera présent les 2 et 3 décembre
Jean François PEREÑA – Collier, 2007 – Galuchat de requin,  Galuchat de roussette,  Peau de lézard, Erable teint,  Aluminium,  Plexiglas,  Maillechort,  Cuir, Corne de buffle, Ebène avec aubier, Chalcédoine.
Jean François PEREÑA Collier, 2011 : Cuir, Plexiglas



18, rue de la Corraterie
CH-1204 Genève
Tel : 0041 (0) 22 311 15 54

Horaires d’ouverture
lundi 14h00 – 18h30
mardi au vendredi 10h30 – 18h30
samedi 10h30 – 17h00

Decouverte : Leslie MATTHEWS – jewelry for ‘emotional & physical sensations’

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Jeweller Leslie Matthews latest pieces display a distinctive use of silver that is polarised between glowing white or oxidised black through varying treatments to the metal.
Leslie Matthews is Studio Head of Jewellery and Metal at the South Australian School of Art. Leslie has been a practicing contemporary jeweller and object maker for over 20 years and has exhibited consistently, locally, nationally and internationally. The themes connected to her work include cultural dislocation and familial history, as well as an interconnecting overlay of personal narrative/story telling through memory.

Leslie Matthews is a partner of the Gray Street Workshop. She creates work that relates to the body as a vessel for ‘emotional and physical sensations’. She has exhibited extensively in Australia and overseas with recent exhibitions across the United States, Britain, the Netherlands and Japan. In 2004 Matthews was awarded the Florence Joyner Bequest from the University of South Australia and has previously been given an Award of Merit by the Royal Institute of Architects SA.
Leslie Matthews « Than oars divide the ocean, too silver for a seam  » – 2009 neckpieces
Leslie Matthews, Shadows hold their breath, 2006-08. Photo: Grant Hancock

Leslie Matthews, Shadows hold their breath, 2006 – sterling silver
Leslie Matthews, My Splendors, are Menagerie, 2006 -sterling silver blackened, silk cord - Photo: Grant Hancock
Leslie Matthews, Clasped, 2008sterling silver, sterling silver blackened, silk cord - Photo: Grant Hancock

Leslie Matthews  Gathering Shadows , 2008 – brooches & neckpieces - sterling silver, sterling silver blackened,shell, bone


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