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EXPO ‘Timothy McMahon: (un)earth’ – Beyond Fashion Gallery, Antwerp (BE) – 27 Oct.-3 Dec. 2011

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Timothy McMahon: (un)earth

The latest work by jeweler Timothy McMahon is presented under the title (un)earth, classifying the series of brooches and body objects in the realm of anti-rocks, frozen nonsensically at a point of fictional metamorphosis between raw ore and traditionally refined object. Symbolically these pieces seek to unearth the truth of material as buried by process, technique, and labor. Oversized and ornamental prongs compete with cut gems while both become engulfed by geological chunks of shattered enamel. The snake begins to eat its tail as these objects inch closer to a genuine desire to become the objects of their own origin.

I find inspiration in a system of evolution as applied to personal aesthetic. Each piece I create causes questions to form that can only be answered—and evaluated—through subsequent work. This design process leads me to explore issues of scale, color harmony, and form that reveal the core of what pleases, revolts, and bores me—equally important subjects. In sharing these experimentations in the form of jewelry I confront and challenge others to question their own aesthetic and (re)define how they see their own world.”

Timothy McMahon  brooch*-/Screenshot20110117at12.34.10PM.png
Timothy McMahon LumpBrD brooch
Timothy McMahon LumpBrC brooch (back)
Timothy McMahon brooch

Timothy McMahon


Beyond Fashion
Pourbusstraat 7
2000 – Antwerp
Telephone: +3232378541


video :

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