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Coup de ROUGE avec Susan FRISCH

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Since graduating in 2007, Susan FRISCH has been making limited production as well as one off exhibition pieces for a growing number of galleries and retail outlets Australia wide. Living and working amidst native bushland, it is little wonder that its influences are reflected in her work. Working predominantly with metal and glass her pieces explore its forms, textures and colours. She has exhibited both locally and nationally
Susan FRISCH- Flowering Gum necklace 2010 – sterling silver and red soda lime glass
Susan FRISCH- red pod necklace (detail)
Susan FRISCH- Flower Gum brooch 2010
Susan FRISCH- Flowering Gum Earrings – sterling silver and soda lime glass.
Susan FRISCH- Flowering Gum Earrings 2009 – Sterling Silver and glass.

These earrings are part of a larger body of work that was inspired by the beauty and diversity of the Australian landscape.
Susan FRISCH- Red pod brooch- 2009
Susan FRISCH- leaf brooch*qkouIrM3SxvYH1D6XrQ4dV2TnoJiua34*ysbBcKX-bY*SsSHLowqfs4vlz8WNyAyH4zWsUN8bc69SiA0J/Metalpodbrooch2.jpg?width=737&height=491
Susan FRISCH-silver pod brooch
Susan FRISCH- Twigs pendant – 2008 – Sterling silver and silk cord*t94QurMqxLiabjRmQsgDQdExuZZC6Pi5WJ-KR*UEB*GoUXhloORH7wLO2PkAMKXRt44xbzWgdsBbnu6KqpXG2S/DSC_5701.jpg?width=737&height=484
Susan FRISCH-seed pods pendant & brooch
Susan FRISCH- brooch & earrings


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