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RED OR DEAD : Christina NIARCHOU – textured jewels

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 Christina Niarchou

She considers her jewellery as a medium of communication between her and the wearer and she believes that jewellery is complete on the wearer’s body. She aims to create jewellery that their forms and their materials challenge the traditional perception of what is jewellery and what is wearable. She gets inspiration of contradictions, such as combining precious with non precious materials.
She also works on paper, a material with unlimited possibilities,
that directly from a new perspective, changing identity and transformed into jewellery
She thinks of her jewellery as small expressions of art.

« about my work :
I consider of my jewellery, as a medium of communication in between me and the observer.
I believe that jewellery are transformed on the wearer’s body,
but also can exist in the space as microsculptures on their own…
I aim to create jewellery that deals with emotions.
I get inspiration of contradictions found in my self, as found in my surroundings,
but always by trying to create a balance in between.
Losing my self in experementing with different forms and materials, so to getting know me better, in the end…
First of all I conceive my jewellery, as small expressions of my self and an endless search of my inner concerns.

about red or dead
RED OR DEAD in sence of feelings…like I pre-mentioned, of contradictions in my work,
these pieces got inspired from those, who can feel life, only in its extreme ways..
and the space in between they feel dead..
like it’s been said : « Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away… »

 Christina Niarchouring – silver, enamel – 2010

Christina Niarchou -   ring, silver-color pigment. Great contrast between the bright silver and the matte colored interior. Christina Niarchouring – silver, color pigment – 2011

Christina Niarchou -- ring - papier-maché, acrylic paint, gold leaf -- 2007 Christina Niarchouring - papier-maché, acrylic paint, gold leaf – 2007

"Red or dead I" |   CHRISTINA NIARCHOU    ring, silver, colour pigments, gold leaf Christina Niarchouring, silver-color pigment

Christina Niarchou -- bracelet, papier-maché Christina Niarchoubracelet, papier-maché

Christina Niarchou -   bracelet, papier-mache Christina Niarchoubracelet, papier-maché (porté)

Christina Niarchou -  paper with sand bracelet Christina Niarchoupaper with sand bracelet

Christina Niarchou - "red or dead" serie - bracelet Christina Niarchou – « red or dead » serie – bracelet

Christina Niarchou  bracelet 'unfolded' - 'MARTIRIO X' Christina Niarchoubracelet ‘unfolded’ – Metal, cardboard, acrylic paint – 2007
Christina NiarchouRing – Silver, color 2010

Christina Niarchou - "Uterus" ring - paper, acrylic paint Christina Niarchou – « Uterus » ring – paper, acrylic paint


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