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EXPO ‘Pilar Garrigosa’ – Studio Vita, Padova (IT) – 19 nov. 2011-22 Janv. 2012

Classé dans : Exposition/Exhibition,Italie (IT),Pilar GARRIGOSA (ES) — bijoucontemporain @ 19:10

 Incontri sulla Gioielleria Contemporanea



Studio Vita
via XX Settembre 28/14
35100 Padova

EXPO ‘Secret Garden’ – New Values Gallery, Berlin (DE) – 18 Nov. 2011-15 janv. 2012

Secret Garden


The Opulent Project  Jenny Klemming  Frida Aberg Nora Rochel Eily O’Connell –  Coco Dunmire –   Alejandra Solar –  Gitte Nygaard –  Mia Maljojoki — Märta Mattson – Q Hisashi Shibata –  Ksenia Obukhova – Begoña Prats –
Begoña Prats
Mia Maljojoki
The Opulent Project (TOP)  (TOP was founded by Meg Drinkwater and Erin Gardner in 2007 while finishing their BFA at the University of Oregon)
Ksenia Obukhova (kko is a young experimental jewellery brand, created by Ksenia Obukhova. She finished the Rietveld Art Academy in  Amsterdam in 2010)
Eily O’Connell

Nora Rochel

Coco Dunmire
Gitte Nygaard
Q Hisashi Shibata




New Values, conceptual jewellery gallery
Knaackstraße 96
10437 Berlin
phone Ksenia Obukhova: +49 (0) 157 84837323
open 14.00 – 21.00 every day


EXPO ‘The WOOD Show’ – FLOW Gallery, London (UK) – 23 Nov. 2011-21 Janv. 2012

The WOOD Show
This exhibition will be based on the different ways artists work with wood within their practice. Each of the fourteen international artists subverts the preconceptions of this material. Ranging from Wycliffe Stutchbury‘s compositions of fallen and forgotten timber to the geometric, painted wooden jewellery of Katy Hackney. Corina Rietveld‘s Birch rings, use the beauty of bark to determine the shape of the ring. Artist’s reference traditional techniques, such as Koto Fukunaga‘s fresh take on the ancient Japanese art of birch vessels and Shigeki Kudo‘s use of the traditional Japanese technique Hegi, the splitting of wood into layers. Markku Lyttinen carves layers of birch plywood into beautiful platters reflecting the undulating Finnish landscape. Others combine wood with various materials, such Adele Brereton mixes traditional Silversmithing techniques with wood; Amanda Caines explores archaeology and recycling, mixing natural and man made objects; Katy Hackney combines wood with the more unorthodox: Formica worktops, toys, chess pieces, spectacle frame off cuts plywood & cutlery handles ……

Artist’s include:  Rut-Malin Barklund — Adele Brereton — Anthony Bryant — Amanda Caines — Grace Girvan — Simon Grainger — Katy Hackney — Sachiyo Higaki — Mark Hanvey — Kota Fukunaga — Tahakashi Kougei — Shigeki Kudo — Markku Lyytinen — Oda Makiko — Malcolm Martin — Hans-Henning Pederson — Corina Rietveld –  Wycliffe Stutchbury.

Corina Rietveld
Corina Rietveld

Amanda Caines
Amanda Caines

EXPO 'The WOOD Show' - FLOW Gallery, London (UK) - 23 Nov. 2011-21 Janv. 2012 dans Alison MAcLEOD (UK) flora-vagi
Flora Vagi

Sachiyo Higaki
Sachiyo Higaki

Rut Malin Barklund
Rut Malin Barklund
Alison Mcleod

Alison Mcleod



FLOW Gallery
1-5 Needham Road    London   W11 2RP   UK
Tel: +44 (0)20 7243 0782

EXPO ‘.XPO²’ – Cultuurhuis, Meise (Belgique) – 19-20 Nov. 2011

Classé dans : Belgique (BE),Exposition/Exhibition,Lore Van KEER (BE) — bijoucontemporain @ 0:06

Lore Van Keer jewellery design

EXPO '.XPO²' - Cultuurhuis, Meise (Belgique) - 19-20 Nov. 2011 dans Belgique (BE) 372884_305927052767365_2103536659_n
Tentoonstelling Lore Van Keer Jewellery Design
19 & 20 november van 11 tot 18u

Meer info:



Brusselsesteenweg 44




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