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Decouverte : Andrea ZEUNER – Urban design

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Andrea ZEUNER, 2011 graduate from Pratt Institute, which is uniquely positioned as the only school in New York City to offer a comprehensive course of study in jewelry and metalsmithing resulting in a BFA

Andrea ZEUNER graduated with honors from Pratt Institute in 2011 receiving a BFA in Jewelry. Andrea has been recognized by her department, winning 1st Prize, The Rekha Lee Punch Award, at the 2011 Senior Jewelry Thesis Exhibition Critique for her collection, SURFACES: Earth | Metal | Body. She was also the recipient of the Jewelry Departmental Award, and was nominated for candidacy for the 2011 Windgate Fellowship.

Her collection, SURFACES, explores the textures and patterns of the Earth as seen from above, focusing on the juxtaposition between patterns created through man, and those created through nature. “My work focuses on these two opposing approaches to dividing the surface, and their final marriage, taking place below the surface. I intend the skin of the wearer to show through the pieces, adding a connection between the surface of the Earth and the surface of the body”. Andrea will continue to develop this body of work by creating wearable version of the collection.
Andrea Zeuner
« Crack in the Ring » – bronze, sterling
Andrea ZeunerNeighborhood Brooch -  sterling, copper, raw garnets, wood, steel
Andrea ZeunerSuper Highway Neckpiece – brass, asphalt crack repair, nickel
« In the summer of 2010 on a flight from La Guardia to Orlando, I peeked out of the window from my desired window-seat and looked below at the earth. I was inspired by the textures and patterns I saw; snaking rivers, geometric neighborhood formations, jagged coastlines, puzzle-like farm fields, and wanted to translate what I saw from above into jewelry. The surface of the earth as seen from above can be viewed as a series of divisions of space and may be narrowed down into two opposing forces; how humans divide land and how nature divides land. One is natural, moving with the land, and one is geometric and linear, moving against the land, fighting the natural chaos nature portrays to the human race. The link between the two opposing sides can be found in the stratifying layers below the earth’s surface. Humans help compose the makeup of the soil and what goes in it; our trash, vessels, bones etc., but the Earth eventually consumes the surface through mudslides, dust-storms, earthquakes and adds yet another layer. They ultimately reunite as the earth wins back the surface.
     My work focuses on these two opposing approaches to dividing the surface, and their final marriage, taking place below the surface. I intend the skin of the wearer to show through the pieces, adding a connection between the surface of the earth and the surface of the body. The oldness of excavated objects, unearthed after millions of years being juxtaposed against something as new to the world as an archeologist’s hand has always fascinated me. Through my pieces and the use of the million-year-
old earth materials such as dirt, sand and raw stones, I aim to replicate this juxtaposition. By using negative space in my designs, the skin is revealed through the metal. The surface of the Earth is now on the surface of the wearer’s skin. »


Decouverte : Wenhui LI – candy look rings

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Wenhui LI

Originally a fine arts student, Wenhui Li studied for three years at the Affiliated Art school of the Guangzhou Institute of Fine Arts in China and then went on to do a further degree in Jewellery Design at Central Saint Martins College Art & Design graduating this summer. Her professional interest in Chinese traditional line drawing has influenced her and led to the development of her jewellery style. She is deeply attracted by curved lines and forms such as the musical instrument the lute, the architecture designed by Zaha Hadid, and all kinds of organic forms. Li believes that “Curves signify liveliness and activity. They are full of rhythm and diversity and also give people a sense of pleasure.” (Kath Libbert Jewellery Gallery)
Wenhui-Li – Yellow ring in Fimo, thread, resin and acrylic. 
Wenhui-Li  Mixed Media Rings  – made from salt crystals grown on a ring

Wenhui LI describes her process :

« The way I create jewellery for this project is just like a child playing with toys. The process is full of wonder, discovery, combining and unexpectation. I don’t make pieces based on design; I make them based on passion and curiosity. I try to invent processes I cannot control (such as making salts grow on rings), I try to make things happen, I´m spontaneous and attentive, and I follow my instinct most of the time. This process of not knowing and not wanting, just playing, remaining free, being without intention, casual…and suddenly getting excited…and then recognising the point when one has to take control again, is a balancing act. I like accidents to occur during the creation process; sometimes they lead to a happy end result, and sometimes not. However, regardless of what happens, the results always bring inspiration for my creations. I enjoy such uncontrollability, as it is the key element that makes my pieces individual and unique. During the process of creating them, I focus particularly on the texture, colour and details. I want people to also wonder about the materials, feel the texture, pay attention to detail, and most importantly, feel my passion. » (august 2011) (on Sub-Studio design blog)*vskhfAipDru4uNuK5ooajjOLAzN1TvVs00hmJCk2Nxt2cDwZHL0tSjKLD6FIn/print8.jpg?width=424&height=600*Y0d1q7xTbh4HmCDQBjkfxVLqEJlqX1j2xH98UZx1Mcp*InpoZJovA8CkAaCKccOhO3nzB1C8SQH7N/Image_13.jpg?width=424&height=600


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