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« Recent graduate from Edinburgh College of Art, my work has developed from research into transient beauty and impermanence. Combining shards of decay with contemporary structure, I am interested in the contrast between the indeterminate results of patina and the controlled process of workmanship. Intrigued by the effects of time and decay, especially places and objects that have fallen into a state of disrepair I explore this condition in enamel, playing with both control and unpredictability. Structures frame embedded patina and change within a surface, indicating that a transformation has occurred over a period of time. The resulting work is unpredictable and unexpected; a product of a process deliberately out of my control. Undetermined paintings of rust-coloured patterns, created by nature and left to chance, are encased within liner frameworks. By isolating sections of a surface the viewer is compelled to focus on the unusual natural beauty framed within.«

Kirsty SUMERLINGPainted Decay Brooch – Silver, 9ct Red Gold, Copper, Enamel
Kirsty SUMERLINGFramed Fragments Neckpiece – White Precious Metal, 18ct Yellow Metal, Corten steel, Enamel
Kirsty SUMERLINGSurface in time Neckpiece -  Copper, White Precious Metal, Steel
Kirsty SUMERLINGBound Corten Brooch – White Precious Metal, Corten Steel, Enamel, 18ct Yellow Metal
to see / buy at :
The Scottish Gallery
16 Dundas Street
Edinburgh EH3 6HZ
T 0131 558 1200
F 0131 558 3900

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