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EXPO ‘Innovation & Craftsmanship in Metal: Jewelry Artists of Québec’ – Aaron Faber Gallery, New York (US) – 4-26 Mai 2012

Aaron Faber Gallery to Host 14 of Québec’s Most Celebrated Jewelry Artists -
Exhibit: May 4-26

The Exhibition is brought in partnership with the Québec Government Office in New York and SODEC, the Québec government body that matches the passion of artistic creation with the power of economic development; providing cultural enterprises with solutions designed to nurture Québec artists and promote the production, distribution and exportation of their work.
Annegret Morf  — Antonio SerafinoBarbara StutmanChristine LarochelleClaudio Pino Gustavo EstradaJanis KermanJean-Pierre GauvreauLaurie Dansereau Lynn LégaréMatthieu Cheminée Pierre-Yves PaquetteRoland DubucÉlise Bergeron


Claudio Pino rings

The celebration of artistry and creativity is as ingrained in the culture of Québec as it is a calling card for New York City.  It was thus inevitable that such a shared principle would lead to the upcoming exhibition, “Innovation and Craftsmanship in Metal:  Jewelry Artists of Québec”, opening at Aaron Faber Gallery, 666 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY on Thursday, May 3, 2012.  Ongoing through May 26, 2012, the exhibition will feature fourteen of Québec’s most talented jewelry artists, and their extraordinary maneuverings in precious and semi-precious metals and stones.  Debuting in its first year at Aaron Faber Gallery, Jewelry Artists of Québec offers both trade and consumers a glimpse of  highly original works of jewelry artistry using precious and semi-precious stones and metals.  The fourteen participating Québecois artists have audaciously redefined conventional approaches to jewelry design, with each artist’s viewpoint quite distinctly their own.

While Claudio Pino’s kinetic movement rings are painstakingly designed to do more than just adorn a finger, Matthieu Cheminee bestows young, fresh life to old, discarded jewelry in a recycled kaleidoscope of sculptural virtuosity.

As Janis Kerman entices us to see the beauty in opposites and asymmetrical balance, Laurie Dansereau invites us to become one with nature as her floral necklaces garnish décolletages in a splendor of anthers and petals in sterling silver and exotic woods.

And as Jean-Pierre Gauvreau’s rings capture the grand pursuits of the most genius architects, Pierre-Yves Paquette uses the ancient art of mokume gane to harmonize various hues of gold and silver into a visually stunning crescendo.


Lynn Légaré - "tumulte" necklace - silverLynn Légaré - « tumulte » necklace – silver, gold, gaspéite
Lynn Légaré 'la murène' necklaceLynn Légaré ‘la murène’ necklace
Gustavo Estrada bracelet 2012 – silver plate on copper
"SERAFINO" rings from 'Sarabande' collection -   Annegret Morf, a violin maker, and Antonio Serafino, a goldsmith, began SERAFINO in 1999 in Montreal.« SERAFINO » rings from ‘Sarabande’ collection -  Annegret Morf and Antonio Serafino began SERAFINO in 1999 in Montreal.
Laurie DansereauLaurie Dansereau – ring

 Barbara Stutman - Amethyst & Pearl Delight, for a Maharajah - 2010 - Freshwater pearls, coloured and silver-plated copper wire, vinyl lacing, seedbeads, magnets. Spool knit, crochet.Barbara Stutman – Amethyst & Pearl Delight, for a Maharajah – 2010 – Freshwater pearls, coloured and silver-plated copper wire, vinyl lacing, seedbeads, magnets. Spool knit, crochet.

EXPO Aaron - Claudio Pino - kinetic ring 'magnificence stellaire'Claudio Pino – kinetic ring ‘magnificence stellaire’gold, silver, black opal, chrome diopsides, emerald, moonstones, pearls




Aaron Faber Gallery
666 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY
Press Release:


COUP de COEUR : Farrah Al-Dujaili – three-dimensional sketches

Farrah Al-Dujaili has been choosed by AJF as 2011 year’s EAA (‘Emerging Artist Award’ ) winner. Farrah Al-Dujaili (UK) has been chosen from among 150 entries from 36 countries.

Criteria used in the judging were originality, depth of concept and quality of craftsmanship. Al-Dujaili works within an intuitive mix of drawing and making that crosses over and intertwines.  She applies drawing materials such as pencil, crayons and watercolors to a surface of enamel paint. This gives an interesting material link to the design methodology, enforcing the dialogue between drawing and making.

The goal of the EAA is to acknowledge promise, innovation and individuality in the work of emerging jewelers. The competition is open to makers of art jewelry who have recently completed their professional training. Al-Dujaili will receive a $5000 cash award. In addition, her work will be featured by an AJF member gallery at SOFA NY and in AJF advertisements and she will serve as a juror for next year’s competition.

Jurors for the 2011 competition were Perry A Price, Assistant Curator of Exhibitions and Collections at the Fuller Craft Museum, Brockton, Massachusetts; Marion Fulk, long-standing member of AJF and collector of contemporary jewelry; and Agnes Larsson, jewelry artist and recipient of the AJF’s 2010 Emerging Artist Award.

Perry Price commented, ‘I find this an interesting use of materials: watercolors, pencils and paint; the combination of materials and forms create three-dimensional sketches.’ Agnes Larson added, ‘She is taking techniques from drawings and transforming them well into her pieces.’ Marion Fulk remarked, ‘This was a very interesting and consistent body of work.’

Al-Dujaili received a BA in 2009 and an MFA in 2011 in Silversmithing and Related Products from the School of Jewellery, Birmingham City University, United Kingdom.

Formal announcement of this award, with images of the work, will be made at SOFA New York, April 20–23, 2012.
Her work will also be shown at COLLECT in London, England, May 11–14, 2012.


No need of this celebration to confirm that I REALLY love her work !!

COUP de COEUR : Farrah Al-Dujaili - three-dimensional sketches dans blog ArtJewelryForum Farrah-Al-Dujaili-4-320x293Farrah Al-Dujaili – Brooch 2011 – Copper, enamel paint, watercolour, watercolour pencil, pastel. (Dim.: 5.5cm x 4cm x 2cm)

Farrah Al-DujailiFarrah Al-Dujaili - Necklace 2011Copper, enamel paint, watercolour, watercolour pencil, pastel, pencil, faux pearls (Dim.: 9cm x 40cm x 6cm)

 Farrah Al-DujailiFarrah Al-Dujaili -Brooch 2011 – Copper, enamel paint, watercolour pencil, pastel

 Farrah Al-Dujaili  Copper, enamel paint, watercolour, watercolour pencil, pencil, pastel.  Dimensions: 13cm x 14cm x 5cmFarrah Al-Dujaili - brooch 2011- Copper, enamel paint, watercolour, watercolour pencil, pencil, pastel.  Dim.: 13cm x 14cm x 5cm

From Farrah Al-Dujaili | DrawingsFarrah Al-Dujaili -  Brooch 2011 – Copper, enamel paint, watercolour, watercolour pencil.
7_72 dans COLLECT
Farrah Al-Dujaili -Brooch 2011Copper, enamel paint, watercolour pencil, pastel (Dime.: 11.5cm x 9cm x 4cm)


EXPO ‘Raconte-moi un bijou’ – Escola Artística António Arroio, Lisboa (PT) – 26 avril-4 Mai 2012

EXPOSIÇÃO ITINERANTE DE JÓIAS  -  Escola Artística António Arroio  |  26 Abril a 4 Maio 2012


É com o maior prazer que vos convido para a inauguração da 2ª exposição itinerante de JóiasRaconte-moi un bijou” das escolas de ourivesaria parceiras do programa Comenius, e para a exposição itinerante de jóias das escolas do PLE – Parlement Lycéen Européen que se realizará no próximo dia 26 de abril de 2012, pelas 18:00 horas, no átrio da entrada principal da escola.

A exposição apresenta a segunda coleção de joias realizadas por alunos de dez escolas parceiras que desenvolveram o projeto de intercâmbio europeu no âmbito do programa Comenius 2010-2012.

As peças expostas revelam as técnicas tradicionais dos países e escolas parceiras visitadas interligando a história, a cultura e a transmissão de saberes técnicos e artísticos da ourivesaria ancestral na contemporaneidade. São novas formas de contar a história das joias e as marcas da história deste projeto de formação intercultural, que de janeiro a julho de 2012 se encontram em itinerância transnacional França- Sant Amand Montrond, Bélgica – Namur, Espanha – Madrid, Grécia – Volos, Portugal – Lisboa e Porto, Bélgica – Antuérpia, Letónia – Liepaja e República Checa – Turnov.


« Raconte-moi un bijou ! »
Le projet rassemble une dizaine d’établissements partenaires en Europe à travers leur champ professionnel commun (écoles de bijouterie) et leur volonté commune d’engager un maximum de lycéens dans une pédagogie de projet. Chaque école partenaire est elle-même intégrée dans un patrimoine local où se mêlent histoire du métier et traditions artisanales. Or, les professionnels du métier, les entreprises, et les artisans créateurs de bijoux, ne transmettent pas toujours spontanément techniques, gestes séculaires et savoir-faire.
Le projet « Raconte-moi un bijou ! » entend provoquer des rencontres entre lycéens bijoutiers européens, professionnels et artisans du bijou, à travers :
1) la découverte et l’appréhension des techniques artisanales utilisées dans son propre pays et dans le pays d’un partenaire.
2) la création de bijoux contemporains en réinvestissant ces techniques.
3) la rédaction et la diffusion de ces expériences (journaux lycéens, sites web).
4) une exposition collective itinérante européenne des bijoux créés.  (infos sur « Le Mur« , le site du LP Jean Guéhenno)


Belgique – Antwerp – SIHA. Stedelijk Instituut voor Handel en Ambachten
Belgique – Namur – IATA. Institut des Arts, Techniques et Artisanats.
Espagne – Madrid – Escuela de Arte n°3
France – Saint-Amand Md – LPJG. Lycée Professionnel Jean Guéhenno (co-ordinator)
Grèce – Volos – DIEK. Municipal Vocational Training Institute of Volos
Italie – Valenza – ISA Cellini. Istituto d’Arte Benvenuto Cellini
Lettonie – Liepaja – LMV. Liepājas Mākslas Vidusskola
Portugal – Lisboa – ESAA. Escola Secundaria Antonio Arroio
Portugal – Porto – ESSR. Escola Secundaria Soares Dos Reis
République tchèque – Turnov – SUPS. Střední Uměleckoprůmyslová Škola


» Tell me a jewel!  » as you tell a story, and why not the story of this jewel… A project as an allegory of  The Little Prince  by Saint-Exupéry which calls for the dreams of childhood, the learning of adolescence, and the transmission of knowledge all the life long.

The project gathers ten school partners in Europe through their common professional field (jewellery schools) and their common will to engage a maximum of high-school pupils in a pedagogy of the project. Each school partner itself is integrated in a local inheritance where history of the profession and craft traditions mix together. However, the professionals, the companies, and the creative jewellery craftsmen do not always spontaneously transmit technical, secular gestures and know-how. 
The project  « Tell me a jewel!  » intends to cause meetings between European high-school pupils, professional jewellers and jewellery craftsmen, through :
1) the discovery and the apprehension of the craft techniques used in its own country and the country of a partner. 
2) the creation of contemporary jewels by reinvesting these techniques. 
3) the writting and the diffusion of these experiments (newspapers high-school pupils, Web sites).
4) an European itinerant collective exhibition of the created jewels.



Escola Artística António Arroio
Rua Coronel Ferreira do Amaral,
1900-165 Lisboa, Portugal.
Telefone: 21 816 03 30
Fax: 21 816 03 34/5


Escola MASSANA, Barcelona (ES) – Presentacion de Projectes Finals – 25-26 Avril 2012

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Presentacion de Projectes Finals


Escola Massana BARCELONA:

Escola Massana
Centre d’Art i Disseny
Hospital, 56.
08001 Barcelona
Tel. 93 442 20 00 -
Fax 93 441 78 44

VALENCIA … MELTING POINT – EXPO ‘Silvia Walz: Retrospectiva 1990-2012′ – Museo Nacional de Cerámica, Valencia (Spain) – 3 Mai-3 Juin 2012

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3 mayo /3 junio Silvia Walz : Retrospectiva 1990-2012
Inauguración: 5 mayo, 18.00 h.

VALENCIA … MELTING POINT – EXPO 'Silvia Walz: Retrospectiva 1990-2012' - Museo Nacional de Cerámica, Valencia (Spain) - 3 Mai-3 Juin 2012 dans Espagne (ES) cartel-web


Obras excepcionales que no veo la ora de ir a verlas !!!  -quoi choisir ? les bleus, qui me font de l’oeil irrésistiblement ? les noirs, profonds, duveteux, qui m’attirent comme dans un puits sans fonds ? ou les rouges, brûlants de vie (splendide série de 2006-2007 : « Light and Shadow )? les blancs, peut-être ……….. J’opte pour un « coup de blues » ….. Que cela vous incite (fortement ! ) à aller voir le reste !

B-154 dans Exposition/Exhibition
 Silvia WalzGeo-metria2 – brooch – 2011

Silvia Walz - 2011 - "Geo-metria" - B-129 Voyager 85 x 55 x 12 mm Silvia Walz - 2011 – « Geo-metria » – B-129 Voyager brooch

Silvia Walz - B-114  " Between two lighthouses" -  Series: Burbujas  - silver, copper, resine, enamel, glas Silvia Walz – B-114   » Between two lighthouses » 2010 -  Series: Burbujas  – silver, copper, resine, enamel, glass

La casa de Olga Silvia Walz – E-7 « La Casa de Olga » – Series: Casitecturas  – bracelet 2009

Silvia WALZ - K-36, Schwalbenschön, necklace 2007 Silvia Walz – K-36, Schwalbenschön, necklace 2007

Silvia Walz - Blue View 3, Brooch 2007 Silvia Walz – Blue View 3, Brooch 2007

Silvia Walz - Blue View 1, copper, enamel - brooch - 2007

 Silvia Walz – Blue View 1, copper, enamel – brooch – 2007

 Silvia Walz – 2004-2005 -  D-1 « Johanna »  Series: Ladies of the round table -  brooch: silver, cornalin, photo, plastic, resine

Ke-7, silver, ceramic, textil, plastic, pearls, coral  Silvia Walz – Voyage 2003 – Blue necklace – Ke-7, silver, ceramic, textil, plastic, pearls, coral



Museo Nacional de Cerámica y Artes Suntuarias González Martí
Poeta Querol 2
Martes a sábado de 10.00 a 14.00 h. y de 16.00 a 20.00 h. Domingos de 10.00 a 14.00 h. Lunes cerrado.
Silvia Walz  -  Melting Point VALENCIA

Sivia Walz web site
Silvia Walz blog

EXPO ‘[Construct]ion’ – Jenkins Fine Arts Center, Greenville, NC (USA) – 22-28 Avril 2012

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[Construct]ion: A Senior Exhibition by Nick HeylTara Locklear- Crystal Lin

Greenville, NC

Jenkins Fine Arts Center

East Carolina University Main Campus,

Greenville, Caroline du Nord 

27858, USA

VALENCIA … MELTING POINT – EXPO ‘Alchimia: Hazardous Experiments’ – Fabrika12, Valencia (SP) – 4-7 Mai 2012

4 mayo/7 mayo Alchimia: Hazardous Experiments
Comisarios: Alchimia Special Hazards Operations Team
Valentina Caporali, Valentina Caprini, Chiara Cavallo, Ha Na Choi, Andrea Coderch-Valor, Patrick Davison, Anna Drexler, Catalina Gilbert-Nadal, Lena Grabher, Sam Hamilton, Dinah Lee, Weronika Marek, Izabella Petrut, Enrica Prazzoli, Lavinia Rossetti, Giulia Savino, Yu Qi Tan, Nur Terun, Francesca Urciuoli, Anna Helena Van De Pol
Inauguración: 4 mayo, 21.00 h.

VALENCIA … MELTING POINT – EXPO ‘Alchimia: Hazardous Experiments’ – Fabrika12, Valencia (SP) – 4-7 Mai 2012 dans ALCHIMIA (IT) tumblr_m2s6mzWB2v1rsuam8o1_500

« Alchimia Special Hazards Operations Team »


Hazardous Experiments

 May 5 to May 7, Opening: May 4 at 9p.m.


« Mystery, curiosity, try-try-try, risky, trust, transformation, strange…
Do you think a plastic cup is a piece of jewellery? Probably not.
Every material has it’s hidden value. You just have to look for it.
You could jump on it for 30 minutes, shoot it from a distance of 25 meters, bake it in an oven for 3 days, try to plant it and wait for it to grow or you could just make it explode.
Maybe, if you are lucky and patient enough that plastic cup could actually turn into something precious and unexpected, which will lead you to your piece of jewellery. »

curated by « Alchimia Special Hazards Operations Team »:
Peter Bauhuis — Valentina Caporali — Chiara Cavallo — Ha Na Choi — Anna Drexel — Lena GrabherDoris ManingerEnrica Prazzoli — Lavinia Rossetti — Yu Qi Tan — Nur Terun — Francesca Urciuoli


Participants: Valentina Caporali — Valentina Caprini — Chiara Cavallo — Ha Na ChoiAndrea Coderch-Valor — Patrick Davison — Anna Drexel — Catalina Gibert-Nadal — Lena Grabher — Sam Hamilton — Dinah Lee — Weronika MarekIzabella PetrutEnrica PrazzoliLavinia Rossetti — Giulia Savino — Yu Qi TanNur TerunFrancesca UrciuoliAnna Helena Van De Pol


tumblr_m2c089fNH31rsuam8o2_1280 dans Andrea CODERCH (ES)

tumblr_m2c089fNH31rsuam8o1_1280 dans Anna DREXEL (AT)

C/ Marqués de Caro, 12 – Valencia (España)
3,4,5, 6 y 7 de mayo de 10.00 a 20.00 h.


EXPO ‘PIERRE DE TOUCHE’ – Galerie TACTILe, Genève (CH) – 26 avril-26 mai 2012

Exposition PIERRE DE TOUCHE à la galerie TACTILe
Esther Brinkmann, Annette Ehinger, Pia Farrugia et Sonia Morel

Vernissage le jeudi 26 avril dès 17h00 en présence des artistes
Exposition du 26 avril au 26 mai 2012
Ouverture le samedi 28 avril de 11h00 à 17h00

EXPO 'PIERRE DE TOUCHE' - Galerie TACTILe, Genève (CH) - 26 avril-26 mai 2012 dans Exposition/Exhibition agenda01

  »Une pierre de touche révèle la valeur d’une personne, d’une chose…
Quatre créatrices, d’horizons différents présentent, à l’occasion de cette exposition des collections dans lesquelles la pierre précieuse, la pierre de couleur, ou un simple caillou se révèle dans toute sa force d’attraction.  »

Homapage04 dans Gal. Tactile (CH)Esther Brinkmann – bagues, or 999, argent 925, émail, jade, néphrite, diamants

Homapage03 dans Pia FARRUGIA (CH)

Annette Ehinger – boucles d’oreilles 2012 or 585, tourmaline rose, quartz enfumé

 Homapage02 dans Sonia MOREL (CH)

Pia Farrugia – broche 2012 “Au dessus de la cheminée » 
bois, peinture acrylique, argent

Homapage01 dans Suisse (CH)Sonia Morelboucles d’oreilles 2012, argent 925, turquoises



Galerie TACTILe
8, place du Grand Mézel
1204 Genève, Suisse
tél: 0041 (0)22 310 21 56



VALENCIA … MELTING POINT – EXPO ‘Oh my!’ – Institut Français, Valencia (SP) – 4-31 Mai 2012

4 mayo/31 mayo Oh my!
Inauguración: 4 mayo, 18.00 h.
VALENCIA ... MELTING POINT - SCHMUCK 2012 in Valencia (Spain) but not only... - 4 avril-7 mai 2012 dans Espagne (ES) couvertureok%2521%2521
Traveling exhibition of Contemporary Jewellery
Our society keeps giving definitions. Each object has its own definition, its own function, so what happens when the rules are changed, when the object becomes poetry?
  It gives birth to a desire to understantd what is unknown, to file it in a familiar universe.
Nevertheless, the poetry of the object, of these contemporay jewels, implies feelings, discovery. You surrender to the desire of wearing a piece of the universe of an artist. It is a way to give it another identity, to find its own definition.
  Through this exhibition „oh My !“ I am introducing different artists from varied backgrounds, each in their own way telling us a story. And this is conveyed through these contemporary jewels which are so surprising, fascinating, and make us wonder… A special link develops between the public and these objects.
Nelly Van Oost – Curator of the traveling gallery projet.


Exposition itinérante de Bijouterie Contemporaine
Notre société nous donne des définitions. Chaque objet a sa propre définition, sa fonction, alors que se passe-t-il quand on change les règles, que l’objet devient poésie ? Il nait alors une envie de comprendre cette inconnue, de la classer dans un univers connu.
    Cependant  la poésie de l’objet, de ces bijoux contemporains, passe par le ressenti, la découverte. Il faut se laisser surprendre par l’envie de porter un morceau de l’univers d’un artiste. Par ce geste il est possible de lui donner une autre identité, de lui trouver sa propre définition.
    Au sein de cette exposition « Oh My !»,  je présente différents artistes d’horizons très variés, qui chacun à leur façon nous content une histoire. Et cela se transmet au travers de ces bijoux contemporains qui nous surprennent, nous fascinent, nous interrogent… Il se crée un lien particulier entre le public et ces objets.
Nelly Van Oost – Commissaire du projet de galerie itinérante.
VALENCIA … MELTING POINT – EXPO 'Oh my!' - Institut Français, Valencia (SP) - 4-31 Mai 2012 dans Alexander FRIEDRICH (DE) 3Alexander Friedrich
05-Blei+XLcarmen dans Carmen HAUSER (DE)Carmen Hauser
br+exuvia dans Carolina GIMENO (Chili)Marielle Debethune
Hylonome dans Cristina Marti MATO (ES)
Tabea Reulecke
GIORGADSE+tatjana+-+mtredi1 dans Exposition/ExhibitionTatjana Giorgadse

Moro Zeit, 6 – 46001 Valencia
Tel. 0034 963 153 095
Fax 0034 963 920 681
Lunes a viernes de 09.00 a 21.00 h.
Sábados de 09.00 a 14.00 h.

VALENCIA … MELTING POINT – EXPO ‘Joyas Sensacionales. Taller Perill′ – Museo Nacional de Cerámica, Valencia (Spain) – 3-27 Mai 2012

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3 mayo/27 mayo Joyas sensacionales. Taller Perill

Alicia Giráldez — Begoña PratsCarme RoherElisa PellacaniEva BurtonEva GirbesFátima TocornalLola GratacósLourdes CarmeloMontse  BasoraMontserrat LacombaNicole DeusterNuria AngurenRosa NoguésSilvina RioStéphanie BarbiéXus Anglès.
Inauguración: 3 mayo, 18.00 h.


 catalogo Joyas Sensacionales


VALENCIA … MELTING POINT – EXPO ‘Joyas Sensacionales. Taller Perill′ – Museo Nacional de Cerámica, Valencia (Spain) – 3-27 Mai 2012 dans Espagne (ES) Alicia2
Alicia Giráldez
Bego%25C3%25B1a1 dans Exposition/Exhibition
Begoña Prats
Carme%2520p dans Joyas Sensacionales (ES)Carme Roher


Eva%2520Burton1 dans MUSEE
Eva Burton
Eva Girbes
Lola Gratacós
Lourdes Carmelo

Montse Basora

Montserrat Lacomba
Rosa Nogués
Silvina Rio
Stéphanie Barbié
Xus Anglès



Museo Nacional de Cerámica y Artes Suntuarias González Martí
Poeta Querol, 2
46002 – Valencia
Teléfono: 96 351 63 92
Fax: 96 351 35 12

Martes a sábado de 10.00 a 14.00 h. y de 16.00 a 20.00 h.
Domingos de 10.00 a 14.00 h.
Lunes cerrado.