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EXPO ‘MISUN WON: Jogakbo and the Fractal geometry’ – 15 Mars-5 Mai 2012

Classé dans : Belgique (BE),Exposition/Exhibition,GALERIES,Misun WON (S.Kr) — bijoucontemporain @ 22:17

Jogakbo and the Fractal geometry BY MISUN WON


In the first Misun Won’s solo exhibition ‘Jogakbo and the Fractal geometry’, she wants to associate the beauty of playful rhythmical structure with her jewelleries. The latest collections reflect her inspiration from the geometrical composition of Korean patchworks ‘Jogakbo’. As the composition of Jogakbo is based on nature, she employed the fractal geometry in order to analyse the complex compositions of Jogakbo. Her in-depth study in the Fractal geometry and Jogakbo helped her to create dynamic structures for her latest collection. Her meditative making process is an act of pray for the wearers as the act of imbuing auspicious qualities with her jewelleries parallels the wish of ancient Korean housewives, who made Jogakbo for their family members.
After graduating from Edinburgh College of Art in 2008 with a master degree, she worked at the College as an artist in residence and a visiting lecturer. She won a gold award for Fashion Production Jewellery in Goldsmiths’ Craftsmanship & Design Award in 2008. She has been exhibiting her jewellery in UK, Europe, and USA. Now she is working in her cozy studio at Coburg House Art Studios & Gallery in Leith, Edinburgh.
Misun Won

Pinned ImageMisun Won – yellow Jogakbo brooch- oxidised sterling silver, yellow enamel paint
Pinned ImageMisun Won - Red round wrapping pendant – silver, silk cord 2010
Jogakbo and the Fractal geometry BY MISUN WONMisun WonPendant: Red silk & pearl – Sterling silver, silk, pearl 

Misun Won - Blue Jogakbo brooch  silver, enamel paint  2011Misun Won – Blue Jogakbo brooch  silver, enamel paint  2011

Misun Won orange layered broochMisun Won orange layered brooch
Beyond Fashion Gallery
Pourbusstraat 7 ,
2000 ANTWERP-SOUTH, Belgium

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