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EXPO ‘Lola Gratós’ – Lamà de la Mar, Andorra – 20 avril 2012

A partir del 20 de abril, expo individual de Lola Gratacós en Lamà de la Mar.  Los que estéis por allí aprovechar para ver el trabajo joyero de Lola, una ceramista que integra en sus piezas de joyería pequeños objetos de porcelana. Todo lo que sea fuego le gusta. Forma parte del grupo Joyas Sensacionales coordinado por Silvia Walz


EXPO 'Lola Gratós' - Lamà de la Mar, Andorra - 20 avril 2012 dans Espagne (ES) Expo%2BLola%2Binvitaci%25C3%25B3..
Av/ Princep Benlloch 11
tel (376) 861 080

EXPO ‘Only Memories’ – Galerie Platina, Stockholm (Sweden) – 19 Avril-16 Mai 2012

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Jorge Manilla Only Memories

 « This is not just another story, this work tells the story of our lifes, a story of love and death, of feelings and tempations, Wild moments, intense moments, moments that make us feel that we are alive… » Jorge Manilla

Please don't take away my heart by Jorge Manilla
« Please don’t take away my heart » by Jorge Manilla


Platina welcomes Jorge Manilla from Mexico City to his first exhibition in Sweden.
The exhibition is a great contrast to the light Swedish minimalist idiom. Instead we are invited into an odyssey into the endless void black holes that are simultaneously filled with feelings indescribable in words.

Jorge Manilla’s work challenges us to confront the deepest feelings and fears we usually avoid. It consists a huge production with wild mixtures of touching stories and twisted relationships. The language is special in which experimental solutions are framed by love and religious upbringing.
What we see is the dark side of passion, the hollow interior of a body, torn apart by emotions. The work is dark, twisted and broken forms of cut leather, which is reminiscent of hopeless knots in ones stomach, burning sores or open wounds. The series is a collection of very unusual and unique jewellery pieces with moral and physical anatomy of the human soul. It is a reminder that human strength in the end overcome the sad and wounding moments. It is a reminder that the horrifying, in fact, is insanely beautiful, and sounds of vulnerability are just signs of heroic strength.

Jorge Manilla, the son of a family of Mexican goldsmiths and engravers, studied visual arts at the Academy of San Carlos, in Mexico. He received a highly technical jewellery training at the Academy of Craft and Design from the Mexican Institute of Fine Arts. But it was until he moved to Belgium, years later, where he enrolled at the Karel de Grote Academy in Antwerp, that he was forced to forget about the traditional notion he had to jewellery, to let his technical skills aside and to research about the cultural meaning of jewellery, its conceptual possibilities and to experiment with materials and techniques . – Sofia Björkman 2012



EXPO 'Only Memories' - Galerie Platina, Stockholm (Sweden) - 19 Avril-16 Mai 2012 dans Exposition/Exhibition Jorge_necklace2Jorge_necklace1 dans Gal. Platina (SE)

Jorge_necklace6 dans Jorge MANILLA (MEX)Jorge_necklace4 dans Suede (SE)



Galerie Platina
Odengatan 68, Stockholm
Post adress: Box 6116, S-102 32, Stockholm, Sweden
Telefon: 08- 300 280
Öppet; tisd-fred 11-18 lörd 11-15




EXPO ‘Knitted, Knotted, Twisted & Twined’ – Bellevue Arts Museum, Bellevue, WA (USA) – 7 Fevr.-17 Juin 2012

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Knitted, Knotted, Twisted & Twined: The Jewelry of Mary Lee Hu

February 7 – June 17, 2012

« You’ve heard it said, « All that glitters is not gold. » Well, in this exquisite exhibition at Bellevue Arts Museum, the glitter certainly is gold. Gold and silver jewelry worked so dramatically and precisely that the sparkle astounds, delights and amazes. » — Nancy Worssam, The Seattle Times

Over the past 40 years, Mary Lee Hu has affirmed her distinctive voice in the world of jewelry with her elegant, voluptuous creations. Using wire the way hand weavers use thread, Hu has blazed a trail as both artist and innovator, exploring the nexus between metalsmithing and textile techniques. Keen to metal’s ability to bend and manipulate light within a textured surface, Hu’s work is a testament to her sophisticated eye for weightless and rhythmic lines, translated into body adornment. Featuring more than 90 exquisite earrings, rings, brooches and neckpieces drawn from public and private collections internationally, this retrospective traces Hu’s evolution from her experimental designs of the 1960s to today’s creations full of light and movement.

Join the artist for a rare, two-day, wire working workshop on May 12 & 13.


EXPO 'Knitted, Knotted, Twisted & Twined' - Bellevue Arts Museum, Bellevue, WA (USA) -  7 Fevr.-17 Juin 2012 dans Exposition/Exhibition Bracelet_62Mary Lee Hu - Bracelet #62, 2002 – 18K and 22K gold -  Collection of Museum of Arts & Design, New York. – Photo: Doug Yaple
Bracelet_17 dans Mary Lee HU (US)Mary Lee Hu – Bracelet #17, 1982 – Fine and sterling silver with 14K gold - Photo: Doug Yaple
Form_3 dans MUSEEMary Lee Hu – Form #3, 1977 – Fine and sterling silver, with lacquered copper - Photo: Doug Yaple
510 Bellevue Way NE
Bellevue, WA 98004

EXPO ‘BON BONS’ – AVID Gallery, Wellington (New Zealand) – 14-28 Avril 2012

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« Bon Bons » New Jewellery by Tatjana Panyoczki

EXPO 'BON BONS' - AVID Gallery, Wellington (New Zealand) - 14-28 Avril 2012 dans Exposition/Exhibition TP+email

« Besides being an accomplished jeweller, Tatjana Panyoczki is an avid candlemaker. Homemade candles are used by her and her family and given away as gifts. Panyoczki saves all of the dripped remnants of her tapers and asks others to do the same. As the globules of wax are returned she separates and stores them according to colour. When enough wax is collected, Panyoczki melts the recycled bits down and like an acient alchemist, mixes wax to form new orbs of new and wonderful hues. She dips the pompoms into the parrafin giving, as she describes, « the two components a new life and structure, which transforms the wax into a less fragile state and preserves the pompoms ». This slow creation, destruction, gleaning, sorting and reconstructing seems to be a very satisfying way to work and live. « -  Kristin D’Agostino

LargeImage-Tatjana-Group dans GALERIES
LargeImage-tp510-fizzies dans Nlle Zelande (NZ)Tatjana Panyoczki « Fizzies » necklace -Waxed Pompoms, Stainless Steel, Stg Silver, 2012
LargeImage-TP504 dans Tatjana PANYOCZKI (NZ)Tatjana PanyoczkiNecklace « Liquorice All Sorts » – Waxed Pompoms, Stainless Steel, Stg Silver, 2012
LargeImage-TP505Tatjana Panyoczki « Gobstoppers »necklace – Waxed Pompoms, Stainless Steel, Stg Silver, 2012
Tatjana Panyoczki is one of AVID’s foremost innovative jewellers.
Born in Zurich and trained in Lausanne and Geneva, she first worked in film and theatre special effects in the UK and Europe, and her obvious interest in drama is evident in her jewellery.
She and her husband (painter Peter Panyoczki) moved to New Zealand in 1993, and Tatjana studied 3D Design at Auckland Unitec, majoring in jewellery.
Tatjana’s jewellery is widely sought after in New Zealand, Australia and in Europe.
48 Victoria Street,
Wellington, New Zealand
Ph: +64 4 472 7703
Fax: +64 4 472 7706

EXPO ‘Chained’ – Benaki Museum, Athens (GR) – 25 Avril-27 mai 2012

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‘Alysodeméno’ – ‘Chained’

EXPO 'Chained' - Benaki Museum, Athens (GR) - 25 Avril-27 mai 2012 dans Exposition/Exhibition invitationBenakiFinal


« ‘Alysodeméno’ – ‘Chained’, represents a body of work, a journey in time which links pieces created from 2005 to today, from my early experimentations with enamel, through to ‘Adapted Patterns’, a collection based on the simple schematic linear patterns relating to various types of Greek traditional aprons and costumes. The title ‘Alysodeméno’ is used here primarily as a metaphor. The work not only involves enamel which is ‘chain bound’, but also reflects a personal visual language. As the future is inexorably linked to the past and the traditional is tied to the contemporary, so is the strong undivided link between what represents me as an artist and my Greek-Cypriot cultural heritage. «  Liana Pattihis

IstosWebbNecklace012010LianaPattihis.jpg.w300h697 dans Grece (GR) Liana Pattihis – Adapted Patterns Small necklace 01 2011

pattihis_adaptedpatterns-258x600 dans Liana PATTIHIS (CY/UK) Liana PattihisAdapted Patterns on the body Liana Pattihis - blue brooch (Joya 2011) Liana Pattihis – blue brooch  2011

Liana Pattihis - Brooch -   Enamel on silver    Photo: Gallery CompleteLiana Pattihis – Brooch – Enamel on silver (Photo: Gallery Complete)

 Liana PattihisLiana Pattihis – Blue Circle Brooch

liana pattihisLiana Pattihis – necklace 2011
Liana Pattihis  Necklace: 'Adapted Patterns' Installation Necklace 01 2011  Silver, enamel  64 - 203 cm longLiana Pattihis  Necklace: ‘Adapted Patterns’ Installation Necklace 01 2011  Silver, enamel  64 – 203 cm long



The Benaki Museum Pireos Athens Greece
Pireos Street Annexe
138 Pireos street



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