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EXPO ‘Convergences & Divergences’ – Galerie Objet Rare, Paris (FR) – 11-31 Mai 2012

Andrea Piñeros, Claire Wolfstirn


A Dialogue between the work of two artists.
The gallery « Objet Rare » in Paris invites two designers of jewelry, with personal worlds which cross in the notions of fragility and lightness.

Through her work with wire Andrea Piñeros expresses the definition of volume. Claire Wolfstirn starts with totality and creates emptiness by removing material. These two designers, converted to jewelry, are attached to the production as creative support. The words: construction, balance and proportion, as an architect, mobilize their creative soul.

EXPO 'Convergences & Divergences' - Galerie Objet Rare, Paris (FR) - 11-31 Mai 2012 dans Andrea PINEROS (FR) claire-wolfstirn-3-6

Claire Wolfstirn – Collection « Herbes folles » collier 
claire-wolfstirn-3-9 dans Claire WOLFSTIRN (FR)

Claire Wolfstirn – Collection « Herbes folles »  broche 

PINEROS_ariadna1 dans Exposition/ExhibitionAndrea Piñeros - Pendant: Ariadna – Mixed media – Photo: C. Hache

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Andrea Piñeros – collier « Cosmique » – Gold 18K, cotton wire - Photo: Laurentphil




Atelier Galerie Objet Rare
11 rue Paul Bert
75 011 – Paris
Telephone: 06 07 21 26 36
Management: Caroline Volcovici

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