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EXPO ‘Making Home’ – Galerie Rob Koudijs, Amsterdam (NL) – 14 Avril-26 Mai 2012

14 04 2012 – 26 05 2012  Francis Willemstijn - Solo Exhibition ‘Making Home’ at Galerie Rob Koudijs, Amsterdam, NL

« Everybody carries burdens, not only the shopping or the suitcases, but also immaterial ones like one’s education and descent. The past is always part of your baggage and Francis Willemstijn referred to that many times in her jewellery pieces. In her first work she made references to her genealogy which goes back to the seventeenth century and later her cherished childhood memories provided the starting point.
However much you might long for the comfort of a safe home, it is impossible to lift your house on your shoulders. Nevertheless that was the subject of Willemstijn’s investigations. Her new pieces are dedicated to a house in the hills where she has been staying regularly over the past few years. The concept goes way beyond a theoretical idea, for every material she used in this work came from this house and the garden that surrounds it (the only exception is the pin on the back of a brooch: some traces of the virulence in the real world beyond seem to be unavoidable). And so slate, zinc, all sorts of woods and fossils found an unexpected application in brooches.
With the new work of Francis Willemstijn we can for once feel equal to the snail: enjoying the luxury of having a refuge available at any given moment. » 
Ward Schrijver, 2012, ©

  Francis WillemstijnFrancis Willemstijn – Brooch 2012 Door hazel, grape, spruce, board

  Francis WillemstijnFrancis Willemstijn – Brooch- 2012 – Miles – Coralfossil, hazel

Francis Willemstijn  Brooch: Roof 2012  Spruce, slate, zincFrancis Willemstijn  Brooch: Roof 2012  Spruce, slate, zinc

Francis Willemstijn, Garden 22 brooch, 2010, zinc, iron, brass, wood, canvasFrancis Willemstijn, Garden 22 brooch, 2010, zinc, iron, brass, wood, canvas






Galerie Rob Koudijs




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