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EXPO ‘Money makes the world go round ?’ – Beyond Fashion gallery, Antwerp (BE) -10 Mai-26 Juill. 2012

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Expo Money makes the world go round ? by Tine De Ruysser

  Tine de RUYSSER (BE)

A jewellery collection made wholly from banknotes, commenting on our perception of the value of gold and money. An interactive installation that raises awareness of what we value in life. This exhibition uses beautiful objects to make us stop for a moment and think about the role of money in current society.
By making a jewellery collection from money, Tine De Ruysser questions the value we place in gold and money. The two materials are closely related. After all, paper money came into existence because people did not want to carry their gold around when travelling. When “paper money” was first used there was no more money printed then there was gold in the bank. Money was worth gold. Through time the connection between money and gold has turned around: now gold is worth money. So why do we still wear gold? Would we be better off wearing money? It is just as effective to show off our wealth and provide some wearable financial security. Or is it?
Concurrently, now most of us are feeling the financial squeeze, we are aware that we need to pay more attention to what makes us happy. - Dr. Tine De Ruysser

Tine De Ruysser

donderdag, vrijdag en zaterdag van 11 tot 18u

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