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EXPO : 4 SOLO exhibitions at Marzee – 20 Mai-28 Juill. 2012

Exhibitions 20 May until 28 July 2012 -  four solo-exhibitions and one group-exhibition :

Antje Bräuer, jewelry
Julie Mollenhauer, jewelry
Karin Seufert, jewelry
Jun Konishi, Michihiro Sato and Satoshi Nakamura, jewelry


Galerie Marzee
Lage Markt 3
6511 VK Nijmegen
The Netherlands

Phone +31 24 3229670
Fax +31 24 3604688

EXPO ‘Ela Bauer’ – Gallery RA, Amsterdam (NL) – 26 Mai-7 Juill. 2012

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Ela Bauer, jewellery

Bauer has designed groups of jewellery based on her exploration of the significance of ‘worn colour’ and ‘worn forms’. Her computer designed, 3D printed Polyamide rings, brooches and necklaces are both highly minimalist and uncompromising as well as tactile and sensory and give the effect of being a symbol on the body. The Polyurethane pendants and necklaces are large, monumental, colourful and expressive. The aprons are more physical, sometimes with a dash of surrealism, domesticity or cruelty due to their association with professional clothing.

RA gallery - Ela Bauer

« Colour is the starting point for my latest works. What does worn “colour” do? Does it have a meaning? I think that colour is the first given you perceive and interpret; through experiencing colour you have an immediate, important notion of a thing. This first notion subsequently deepens and goes into nuance the longer you observe an object, but colour has the power to create moods/ atmospheres on the unconscious level. Initially I wanted to have as less as possible influence on the forms, I sort of let them happen. I have poured the colour in bigger and smaller puddles, and joined them to a necklace. It became quite a large object that covered a big portion of the torso; actually a kind of apron. The given of a jewellery piece that flows out of it’s “normal” proportions in terms of size, and becomes an armour, a frontal protection, interested me. Wearing a piece of jewellery (that in itself is a complex communication means), goes then in the direction of “work” en “protection”. And so I returned actually to an old love of mine, the apron. “Apron” implicates homeliness, everyday life, but also cruel deeds, and also protection. One commits kind and cruel deeds, the apron stands between you and your deeds. Your deeds don’t leave traces or stains on you, the apron carries them. At the same time of course, the question arises whether that’s true; What belongs to ones own person, and what one considers as the outside world; where lay the boundaries of the “inner” and the “outside”; where does one end and begins the other… Parallel to that working- process I do an inquest into basic, evocative forms. Those simple, geometric forms function as an emblem when worn. Maximal focus is set on those basic forms due to the fact that they are printed 3- dimensionally, in one single material and monochrome. My research into the basic and evocative forms extended gradually also to my aprons and polyurethane jewellery, and influences their character significantly. » Ela Bauer May 2012 Ela Bauer - neck object  –  Amsterdam, galerie RA.Ela Bauer – neck object

Ela Bauer - neck object  – à Amsterdam, galerie RA.Ela Bauer – neck object

Ela Bauer - 2 brooches  –  Amsterdam, galerie RA.Ela Bauer – 2 brooches 
Ela Bauer  Ring: Untitled 2010  Epoxy, pearl, corals, silver, yarnEla Bauer  Ring: Untitled 2010  Epoxy, pearl, corals, silver, yarn

  Ela Bauer  Ring: Untitled 2011  Plastic  2-3 cm diameterEla Bauer  Ring: Untitled 2011  Plastic  2-3 cm diameter

  Ela Bauer  Necklace: Untitled 2010  Silicone, yarn, cotton, copper-netEla Bauer  Necklace: Untitled 2010  Silicone, yarn, cotton, copper-net

Ela Bauer  Necklace: PU composition 2011  Polyurethane, silverEla Bauer  Necklace: PU composition 2011  Polyurethane, silver



Galerie RA
Nes 120
1012 KE Amsterdam
The Netherlands
+31 20 6265100
Tue-Sa 12-18 hrs


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