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EXPO ‘Daniel Kruger’ – Villa Bengel, Idar-Oberstein (DE) – 9 mai–28 juin 2012

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The city government of Idar-Oberstein shows the works of the artist Daniel Kruger, head of jewellery High School in Hall « Castle Giebichenstein » in cooperation with the University of Applied Siences Trier from May 9 – June 28, 2012 in the Villa Bengel.

Daniel Kruger

Born in Cape Town, Daniel Kruger completed his field of study in goldsmith’s art at the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich with Professor Hermann Jünger, after studying in South Africa from 1974 to 1980.
Since 1980, he works as a freelance jewellery and ceramic artist with multiple exhibitions in the home country and abroad. Since 2003, he teaches sculpture and jewellery at the Giebichenstein Academy in Halle. The exhibition provides a deep insight into the work of the artist, who analyses each accruing material – whether glass or diamond in the rough – for its aesthetic qualities, which the carrier brings to speech as a very personal object, ring, bracelet, brooch or necklace.

  Daniel Kruger  Necklace 2011  Silver, pigment  16x18x2 cm  Photo: Udo W. Beier  To be seen at Galerie Ra Amsterdam 35 Years Jubilee ExhibitionDaniel Kruger  Necklace 2011  Silver, pigment  16x18x2 cm  Photo: Udo W. Beier 

Daniel Kruger  Ring: Untitled 2011  Silver, pigment  To be seen at Galerie Ra AmsterdamDaniel Kruger  Ring: Untitled 2011  Silver, pigment 
Daniel Kruger  Necklace: untitled 2007  Silver filigree, pigment  To be seen at Galerie Sofie Lachaert Tielrode.  Photo by Udo w. Beier.Daniel Kruger  Necklace: untitled 2007  Silver filigree, pigment  – Photo by Udo w. Beier.

Jakob Bengel-Stiftung
Villa Bengel, Wilhelmstraße 44
55743 Idar-Oberstein (DE)
Telefon: +49 (0)6781 – 27030
Fax: +49 (0)6781 – 23549

EXPO ‘Gioielli’ – Studio De Meo, Livorno (IT) – 26 Mai-5 Juin 2012

Mostra di gioielli presso Studio De Meo

Jewelry Exhibition at Studio De Meo

Dal 26 Maggio al 5 Giugno lo Studio De Meo a Livorno presenta una mostra collettiva con 10 artisti orafi contemporanei.
From 26 May to 5 June at Studio De Meo in Livorno (Italy) there will be an exhibition of 10 goldsmith artists with their creations. Studio deMeo

List of artist:
Narciso Bresciani  – Corrado De Meo  – Nicoletta Frigerio  – Francesca Gabrielli  – Heidemarie HerbAnna Maria Iodice  – Luigi (Gigi) Mariani  – Eliana Negroni  – Stefano Pedonesi  – Federico Vianello

  Annamaria Iodice - gioielli in Fermento 2012 - - Iodice – necklace (per « gioielli in Fermento » 2012 )

  Maura Biamonti - Gioielli in Fermento 2012 - Biamonti – ring (per « Gioielli in Fermento » 2012)

 Corrado Demeo - gioielli in Fermento - 2012 Demeo – brooch per « gioielli in Fermento » – 2012 
Stefano Pedonesi - "Hidden treasure" rings model: Oxided sterling silver, 18kt yellow and white gold, diamond
Stefano Pedonesi – « Hidden treasure » rings model: Oxided sterling silver, 18kt yellow and white gold, diamond – 2012

 Francesca Gabrielli ringsFrancesca Gabrielli rings

  Heidemarie Herb  - collection herb's garden, METAMORFOSI, organic fragment, copper, Ag, raw amberHeidemarie Herb  – collection herb’s garden, METAMORFOSI, organic fragment, copper, Ag, raw amber

Gigi Mariani ringLuigi (Gigi) Mariani ring

EXPO 'Gioielli' - Studio De Meo, Livorno (IT) - 26 Mai-5 Juin 2012 dans Annamaria IODICE (IT) i048_ritEliana NegroniAnelli Scultura Aluminium - calcedonio, quarzo o acquamarina


Corrado De Meo  Studio De Meo
Via Goldoni 52
57125 LivornoLI (Italy)
P.I. 634490494


COUP de COEUR ultra-moderne avec Stefania Lucchetta

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Stefania Lucchetta « lives and works in Bassano del Grappa (Italy). Her work focuses on jewellery and design of accessories for home and interior, producing both small edition as well as larger industrial-scale series. As artist, designer and production executive, she is present at all phases of production: beginning with market demands and following each piece through its creation, manufacturing and refinement process. She has accumulated a thorough experience in different production techniques, including stamping, casting, engraving and laser etching. In 2000 she began learning CAD-CAM systems and rapid prototyping, both of which she now masters completely. In 2002, complimenting her activities in jewellery design and home accessories, she began experimenting with new materials and innovative production techniques. Following this new line of research she realized a number of limited jewellery series made of a biocompatible resin. More recently, she extended her investigations to titanium and to « stellite » processing and craftsmanship, thus realising her newest collections.

Lucchetta’s background in fine arts and design began, just after high school, at the Accademia di Belle Arti in Venice, Italy. After completing her Degree in the Humanities at the University of Ca’ Foscari in Venice, Italy, where she majored in the History of Contemporary Arts, she turned her attention full time to jewellery design. While attending various post-graduate courses, she began working in her family’s jewellery company as a designer, encountering and mastering the aforementioned CAD-CAM systems and rapid prototyping processes. In 2004 she received her Masters degree in Industrial Design from the Scuola Italiana di Design in Padua, Italy. In 2007 Lucchetta established her own jewellery and design company, Stefania Lucchetta s.r.l. »


Stefania Lucchetta - Anello Crystal 11, resina biocompatibileStefania Lucchetta – Anello Crystal 11, resina biocompatibile
Stefania Lucchetta - Anello Crystal 10. Resina biocompatibileStefania LucchettaAnello « Crystal 10″, in resina biocompatibile
Stefania Lucchetta - Anello Sponge 36. Argento e smaltoStefania Lucchetta - Anello Sponge 36. Argento e smalto
Stefania Lucchetta - Anello (ring)  Crystal 33. Resina biocompatibileStefania Lucchetta- Anello (ring)  Crystal 33. Resina biocompatibile

COUP de COEUR ultra-moderne avec Stefania Lucchetta dans COUP DE COEUR artwork_images_424380584_563555_stefania-lucchettaStefania LucchettaAnello « Sponge 25″, in resina biocompatibile e brillanti


Stefania Lucchetta - Spilla (brooch) Crystal 05. Resina, brillanti e oroStefania Lucchetta - Spilla (brooch) Crystal 05. Resina, brillanti e oro

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