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EXPO ‘(Take a look) at me’ – Galerie Louise Smit, Amsterdam (NL) – 20 Mai-5 Juill. 2012

Lisette Colijn : (Take a look) at me

gal Louise Smit Lisette Colijn is active on the boundary between fine arts and design. Her autonomous ideas find form through the art medium jewelry. Jewelry is explained as an adornment, whether to adorn or not to adorn the aim is seduction. While adorning it possibly has the aim to lead astray. This potential contradiction makes jewelry the ultimate manipulation medium for showing human desires, of which power is one. Jewelry not only makes it possible for the wearer to express power but for the maker of the jewelry to show power over the wearer.

Lisette Colijn   Necklace – Porcelain balls - 2008
lisette colijn - neclace - silver - Colijn – necklace « silvernails » - silver

Lisette Colijn - Brooch: Untitled  Silver, porcelain, platina lusterLisette Colijn- Brooch: Untitled  Silver, porcelain, platina luster



Galerie Louise Smit
Prinsengracht 615
1016 HT – Amsterdam
Telephone: 0031 (0)20 625 98 98
Fax: 0031 (0)20 428 02 16


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