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Jasmin GILES : c’est la WAX …..

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Jasmin Giles (UK) textile & wax jewelry

découverte au BIAD Birmingham Graduate show 2011, re-découverte récemment sur une vidéo, ses créations « giant & bold » m’enchantent toujours !

« I make large-scale jewellery pieces, combining knitted textiles and materials such as wax and glass. The pieces represent contemporary jewellery alternatives. »

« Jasmin graduated from Chelsea College of Art last year (2010) with a first class honours degree in Textiles… Her entire degree show sold out and she is now a recipient of the Crafts Council Hothouse programme as well as working freelance from her studio in Clapham.
Jasmin told me that each piece is unique and is a labour of love- she sees her work as wearable art. Not only does she create each put together the piece, but she also creates the constituent parts. She starts off by dying the woven threads that make up the foundation of her Spring/Summer collection (top) and works hot wax into delicate (and remarkably regular) droplets.
Her work is rich, dramatic, heavy. It is bold and intelligent. I imagine it being worn as a patterned statement against a pallete of greys and blacks. I wonder who would wear it- and where? Well I would. I would wear it somewhere spectacular, where it could be seen, admired and whispered about. She talks of being interested in how the wearer is transformed by jewellery- for the AW collection, the sea is an image that I can’t rid myself of when I look at her work- I see heavy seaweed, kelp, dark nights and deep depths- perhaps that is the thing about her work; it transforms the imagination of the wearer and the viewer. » (PatternLondon, sept.2011)

Jasmin Giles (UK) textile & wax jewelry

Jasmin Giles (PatternLondon)

Jasmin Giles wax & textile jewelry

Jasmin Giles (UK) textile & wax jewelry

Jasmin Giles (PatternLondon)

Jasmin Giles, Origin 2011 Giles, at « Origin » 2011
Jasmin Giles  (BIAD Birmingham Graduate show 2011)

Image de prévisualisation YouTube    (but I get a database error ….)

SHOP SHOWS : ‘RACHEL TIMMINS’ – Quirk Gallery, Richmond (USA) – 3-27 Juill. 2012

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EXPO Quirk galleryMetamorphosis, mutation, otherness, comfort and building a place to belong are concepts that are prominently featured in my work and in how I choose to live my life. Modification has changed the way that I see myself and the way the rest of the world responds to my appearance. Many of my works include shiny surfaces, craft glitter and vibrant colors which are powerful ways of creating a spectacle and showing preciousness. Both the objects and the wearable pieces that I create allow both the viewer and the wearer to step into my place in this world. I use both humor and irony in order to create a push-pull feeling between the viewer and the pieces. In my current work, I try to show how our experiences can consume and change us into something that we never knew we could be.

Rachel Timmins "diamond"Rachel Timmins « diamond » ring

SHOP SHOWS : 'RACHEL TIMMINS' - Quirk Gallery, Richmond (USA) - 3-27 Juill. 2012 dans Exposition/Exhibition 633 Rachel Timmins - Squish Brooch One - 2012  spandex, thread, brass, powder coating, stainless steelRachel Timmins – Squish Brooch One – 2012  spandex, thread, brass, powder coating, stainless steel

rachel timmins - Squish Brooch Two    2012  spandex, thread, polyester stuffing, brass, powder coating, stainless steelRachel Timmins – Squish Brooch Two    2012  spandex, thread, polyester stuffing, brass, powder coating, stainless steel

rachel timmins - Comfort  2012 -   spandex, thread, polyester stuffing  13 x 13 x 1.5" eachRachel Timmins – Comfort  2012 -   spandex, thread, polyester stuffing  13 x 13 x 1.5″ each

rachel timmins  Squish Brooch One    2012    spandex, thread, brass, powder coating, stainless steelRachel Timmins  Squish Brooch One    2012    spandex, thread, brass, powder coating, stainless steel


Quirk Gallery
311 West Broad Street, Richmond, VA 23220 (USA)
tel 804.644.5450


EXPO ‘Oh My! Edition Spéciale’ – Gallery Caroline Van Hoek, Bruxelles (BE) – 5-25 Juill. 2012

Oh My! Spécial Edition 16 artists from Idar-Oberstein

Oh My! Edition Spéciale 16 artistes d’Idar-Oberstein à Bruxelles 05/07/12 – 25/07/12

This is a special edition of « Oh My! » I will present 16 international artists connected to Idar-Oberstein. It will be a show held at the Gallery Caroline Van Hoek (57 rue Van Eyck, Bruxelles)  from the 5th to 25th July 2012.
You are all invited to the opening on Thursday 5th July  from 18h to 21h

Voici une édition spécial de « Oh My! » Je vous présenterai 16 artistes internationaux connectés à Idar-Oberstein. Cette exposition sera présentée à la galerie Caroline Van Hoek (57 rue Van Eyck, Bruxelles) du 5 au 25 juillet 2012.
Vous êtes cordialement invités au vernissage le Jeudi 5 Juillet de 18h à 21h.

OhMy!: Expo 5 : Bruxelles

With | Avec :
Levan Jishkariani  — Cherry Boonyapan   — Patrìcia Correia Domingues   — Edu Tarín   — Nicolas Estrada  — Katharina Dettar  — Carmen Hauser  –  Barbora Dzuráková  — Petr Dvorak  — Cristina Martí Mató  — Alexander Friedrich  — Matthias Dyer  — Penka Arabova  — Taehee In  — Tatjana GiorgadseSabine Conrad

EXPO 'Oh My! Edition Spéciale' - Gallery Caroline Van Hoek, Bruxelles (BE) - 5-25 Juill. 2012 dans Alexander FRIEDRICH (DE) invitationbxl2


 Barbora Dzuráková - brooch Barbora Dzuráková – brooch 2010

Dzurakova_Barbora_H%28a%29unting+Truth_2011-2 dans Barbora DZURAKOVA (SK)Barbora Dzuráková – brooch « H(a)unting Truth » – 2011 Cherry Boonyapan - My_milk_webCherry Boonyapan – My_milk_web

 dans Belgique (BE)Cherry Boonyapan – « Remember me Berlin »

Cherry Boonyapan (Thailande)Cherry Boonyapan

Edu Tarin Serie 3.Sujeto DEdu Tarín broche – serie Palingenesia – Serie 3. Sujeto D, 2011   – Brooch; Painted brass.
Taehee In Taehee In Taehee InTaehee In
OhMy!: Artist Special Edition I-O: Taehee InTaehee In rings
Katharina Dettar - necklace  'Memento Mori', 2009, paper, wax, pigment, stone, silverKatharina Dettar – necklace  ‘Memento Mori’, 2009, paper, wax, pigment, stone, silver Blood dans Carmen HAUSER (DE)Nicolas Estrada « blood »
Matthias Dyer  Kette  Lapislazuli, Kunststoff, Lack, Silber, StahlMatthias Dyer  Kette  Lapislazuli, Kunststoff, Lack, Silber, Stahl



Gallery Caroline Van Hoek
57 rue Van Eyck, Bruxelles



EXPO ‘Marta Mattsson – Petrified lives’ – Sienna Gallery, Lenox (USA) – 29 Juin-19 Juill. 2012

 ’Marta Mattsson – Petrified lives’

Marta Mattsson will give an intimate talk at BROOKLYN METALWORKS July 1, 4-6pm to discuss her newest work and studio practice

EXPO 'Marta Mattsson - Petrified lives' - Sienna Gallery, Lenox (USA) - 29 Juin-19 Juill. 2012 dans Conference / Lecture mma63Marta Mattsson Fossil Neckpiece, 2012, Cicadas, crushed olivine, resin, silver

80 Main Street
Lenox, MA 01240 USA
(001) 413 637 8386

general inquiries :

Les Journées de la céramique – Place St Sulpice, Paris (FR) – 28 Juin-1er Juill. 2012

Je vous donne rendez-vous à partir de ce jeudi pour la quinzième édition des Journées de la Céramique, et jusqu’au dimanche 1er juillet 2012, place St Sulpice de 11 h à 20 h.

A très bientôt Violaine Ulmer

PS : je serai installée en extérieur, le long de la rue St Sulpice

journees-de-la-ceramique-2012  Paris

Les exposants 2012 / Exhibitors :

Fanny Acquart-Gensollen  –  Edith Bellod –  Violaine Ulmer  — …. (pour le BIJOU – j’en oublie certainement, je ne les connais pas tous ….)


Les Journées de la céramique - Place St Sulpice, Paris (FR) - 28 Juin-1er Juill. 2012  dans ceramique

 Edith Bellod - collier en porcelaine de limoges : “kaléidoscope”Edith Bellod – collier en porcelaine de limoges  “kaléidoscope”

 dans Edith BELLOD (FR)Fanny Acquart-Gensolen – porcelain necklace



Dates: Jeudi 28, vendredi 29, samedi 30 Juin et dimanche 1er juillet 2012
Horaires: 11h00 à 20h00
Lieu: Place Saint Sulpice, 75006 Paris
Métro: ligne 6, arrêt Saint Sulpice
Bus: 63 et 96

New Designers 2012 – London (UK) – 27-30 June & 4-7 July 2012

New Designers is the UK’s most important graduate exhibition. Over 3,500 of the most talented newly graduated designers from across the nation will come together under one roof for the 27th edition of New Designers.

Part 1: 27 to 30 June / Part 2: 4 to 7 July , 2012

New Designers 2012

Central Saint Martins (Part 1: 27 to 30 June  -  stand J19)

Exhibiting Graduates : Stephanie Bila — Kate Bradbury — Ji Sun Chae — Hayley Evans — Sophie E Ellis — Pinkney Gould — Charlotte Cort Koppel — Sophie Hirsch — Katie Jamieson — Fern Jelleyman — Conor Joseph — Grace Lepard — Justine Richards — Hai Qing She — Yannan Song — Marwa Smida — Maho Takahashi — Annette R Tate — Victoria Thay — Nina van Houten — Qing Qing (Sasha) Wu –

Grace LepardGrace Lepard leather and ink plummage and flight of birds earring

Fern Jelleyman - /ba-jewellery-design-degree-show-2012/fern-jelleyman/Fern Jelleyman, necklace

New Designers 2012 - London (UK) - 27-30 June & 4-7 July 2012 dans C.J YAO (CN/UK)Stephanie Bila, neckpiece

 dans Central Saint Martins (UK)Charlotte Cort Koppel

 dans Exposition/ExhibitionPinkney Gould, mouthpiece

 dans FERN Jelleyman (UK)Sophie Hirsch, halo

2012 BA jewelry show Central St Martins - Stephanie Van ZwamStephanie Van Zwam

CJ Yao (CJ YAO recently graduated from Fashion Design Womenswear at Central Saint Martins in London.) "wood be" collection - CJ Yao's work was recently shown as part of the 2012 BA undergraduate fashion and textile student work at Central Saint Martins in LondonCJ Yao « wood be » collection – CJ Yao’s work was recently shown as part of the 2012 BA undergraduate fashion and textile student work at Central Saint Martins in London


Hull School of Art and Design  (Part 1: 27 to 30 June  -  stand T74)

 dans Grace LEPARD (UK)Helen Whitworth, Theatrical neckpiece


University of Brighton (Part 1: 27 to 30 June  -  stand CA1)

 dans Grande-Bretagne (UK)Emma Brant, ‘The Bicycle’ narrative jewellery


DJCAD, University of Dundee - (Part 1: 27 to 30 June  -  stand J17)

 dans Stephanie BILA (UK)Frances Andrews, Faking It

Edinburgh College of Art (ECA) (Part 1: 27 to 30 June  -  stand J25)

 dans www NOOVOeditionsKirstin Dunn BA (Hons)



Loughborough University (Part 1: 27 to 30 June  -  stand J3)

Rebecca Percival, Fine Bone China Rings

Laura Moore, Memora Exploration

Wolverhampton, University  (Part 1: 27 to 30 June  -  stand CG16+CG17)

Stephanie Hopkins BA, Brooche

Graduation show – Gerrit Rietveld Academie (NL) – 4-8 Juill. 2012

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Graduation show – Gerrit Rietveld Academie

Graduation show - Gerrit Rietveld Academie

Jessy GermsRichard ElenbaasZindzi Wijminga

Graduation show - Gerrit Rietveld Academie (NL) - 4-8 Juill. 2012 dans Gerrit RIETVELD Acad. (NL) richard-elenbaas-graduation-trophy-frontGraduation Trophy by Richard Elenbaas



Gerrit Rietveld Academie – Benthem Crouwel building,
Ground Floor, Fred. Roeskestraat 96 1076 ED Amsterdam


ECA 2012 Degree Show – New Designers, business design centre, London (UK) – 27-30 Juin 2012

at « New Designers », business design centre – (London, United Kingdom)

27-Jun-2012 – 30-Jun-2012

Welcome to the 2012 Degree ShowThis year’s event marks the end of the first academic year following the College’s merger with the University of Edinburgh.

Jewellery and Silversmithing are broad terms in contemporary craft encompassing materials and techniques beyond the traditional ones associated with these trades. Skills are still very much at the root of this department and when thoughtfully applied to explore the material, memory and meaning they enrich this special discipline.

Our objective is to design and create personal, individual pieces of work that push the boundaries of our subject creating heirlooms of design to enrich people’s lives. Our exhibitions typically include explore fine metalwork in precious and semi-precious metals alongside plastic, resin, textile, paper, stone and other natural materials.

Find out more by visiting the 2012 degree show webpage

Undergraduate Jewellery & Silversmithing :

Ciara Bowles Kirstin DunnMari Ebbitt  – Miya Hayes  – Jane Layton  – Rebecca Morrison – Sarah Stanford – Laura Templeton  — Rebecca Vigers

Postgraduate Jewellery & Silversmithing :

Deme Wolfe-powerCristina Zani


  Ciara Bowles  Earrings: Trina  BA Hons 2012 Degree show  Photo by Aleksandra Kocelav - ECA 2012 degree showCiara Bowles  Earrings: Trina  BA Hons 2012 Degree show  Photo by Aleksandra Kocelav 

  Ciara Bowles, - Bursting Out Brooch, 2012, Photography- Shannon ToftsCiara Bowles, – Bursting Out Brooch, 2012, Photography- Shannon Tofts

Kirstin Dunn - Stacking BraceletsKirstin Dunn – Stacking Bracelets

Murray Bangles Set  Laura Templeton,Laura Templeton - Murray Bangles Set  


New Designers, business design centre
52 Upper Street
N1 0QH – London
United Kingdom
Telephone: +44 20 7359 3535

EXPO ‘Color is more’ – iii-Gallery, Bruxelles (BE) – 1er Juill.-1er Sept. 2012


With the help of the creations of 16 artists/designers iii-gallery will be turned into an explosion of color

Color is moreavec :
Suzanne Esser — Falabrac — Pia Wustenberg — Misun Won — Thanh Truc Nguyen — Sabine Muller — Christiane Grinat — Dorit SchubertJimin KimYu PingJulia ReymannSofia SchaffsteinClaudia RinnebergAna HagopianMei Lee

EXPO 'Color is more' - iii-Gallery, Bruxelles (BE) - 1er Juill.-1er Sept. 2012 dans Ana HAGOPIAN (ES) 01-0Yu-Ping Lin - from Kaleido collection

Mei Lee -  "rosée" - 2 fingers ringMei Lee -  « rosée » – 2 fingers ring

Sofia Schaffstein -  Acrylglas, Furnierholz, Silber    schaffstein-schmuckdesign.deSofia Schaffstein -  Acrylglas, Furnierholz, Silber


Rue Sainte Anne 40
Brussels, Belgium 1000
tel 00 32 2 512 30 12
Closed until mercredi 12:00 – 18:00


EXPO ‘Patro(o)n’ – Zilvermuseum, Deurne (BE) – 24 Juin-24 Oct. 2012

Exhibition ‘Patro(o)n’ and ‘Wim Ibensprijs 2012’
The exhibition ‘Patro(o)n’ gives consideration to daily rituals, compositions, work grinds and other patterns. At the same time this exhibition about contemporary jewellery provides a platform to see “free of any pattern”.
You can also admire the laureates of the Wim Ibens Award 2012.

Van 24 juni tot en met 24 oktober 2012 loopt in het Zilvermuseum Sterckshof de wedstrijd ‘Win een zilveren juweel’. Dit keer kun je de gelukkige eigenaar worden van een zilveren ring van juweelontwerper Jorge Manilla! Deelnemen aan de wedstrijd is eenvoudig. Het enige wat je moet doen, is een vraag over de tentoonstellingen ‘Patro(o)n’ en Wim Ibensprijs 2012 juist beantwoorden, een formulier invullen en deponeren in de kubus aan het onthaal. De uitreiking van de prijs zal plaatsvinden op Zilverzondag op 28 oktober 2012 in het Zilvermuseum Sterckshof. Met medewerking van sponsor Jorge Manilla (

EXPO 'Patro(o)n' - Zilvermuseum, Deurne (BE) - 24 Juin-24 Oct. 2012 dans Arnaud SPRIMONT (BE) Juweelkunst%20DKO%20Patronen

Carolina Apolonia — Veerle Coppieters — Michael Cornelis — Joke De Hertogh — Isabel Lecruyse — Luc Ingels — Barbara Deriemaecker — Catherine Fischer Achard — Rita Heyvaert — Marieken Meeuwssen — Ann Michielsen — Ina Sponselee — Arnaud Sprimont — Natalie Bal — Nele Verledens — Kristien Jacobs — Nathalie Monteyne — Trees De Maeyer — Anne Droeshout — Anouk Droesbeke — Kris Thys — Anke de Kort — Katia Van Meerbeek — Tania Smouts — Christine Loos — Talke Sietsma — Ann Deckers — Karin Lanneer — Ria Lins — Vera De Wit  — Sébastien Vandekerckhove — Els Sarens — Hilde Van Snick — Carine Vanlandeghem — Sandy Van Damme — Sofie Van de Broeck — Patricia Van Den Berghe — Pascale Van Goethem — Ann Strijmes — Celine Wouters — Mieke Van Ussel — Bianca Verbeek — Hedwig Vandenbunder — Geertrui vander Meûlen — Tine Verhaegen — Gaston Verstraeten — Jolanta Bracisiewicz — Inge Nauwelaerts

Inge Nauwelaerts  Ring: Lavaterra Dyr 2012  Mixed MediaInge Nauwelaerts  Ring: Lavaterra Dyr 2012  Mixed Media

Arnaud Sprimont  Brooch: Nanometrie 2012  SilverArnaud Sprimont  Brooch: Nanometrie 2012  Silver

Anke de Kort -   Patroon: taartonderleggerarmbandAnke de Kort -   taartonderleggerarmband

Marieken Meeuwssen  Bracelet: Stedelijke Patronen, Mijn Stad 2012  Mixed MediaMarieken Meeuwssen  Bracelet: Stedelijke Patronen, Mijn Stad 2012  Mixed Media

Celine Wouters  Piece: Collier Couture 2012  Mixed MediaCeline Wouters  Piece: Collier Couture 2012  Mixed Media

Natalie Bal  Piece: Verenkleed 2012  Mixed MediaNatalie Bal  Piece: Verenkleed 2012  Mixed Media

Sandy Van Damme  Necklace: Troubadeuse 2012  Mixed MediaSandy Van Damme  Necklace: Troubadeuse 2012  Mixed Media

Rita Heyvaert  Necklace: Solanum 2012  Mixed MediaRita Heyvaert  Necklace: Solanum 2012  Mixed Media

Ina Sponselee  Necklace: Horse Tale 2012  Mixed MediaIna Sponselee  Necklace: Horse Tale 2012  Mixed Media

Jolanta Bracisiewicz  Ring: Parallel Words 2012  SilverJolanta Bracisiewicz  Ring: Parallel Words 2012  Silver

Katia Van Meerbeek  Necklace: Memento 2012  Mixed MediaKatia Van Meerbeek  Necklace: Memento 2012  Mixed Media

Els Sarens  Necklace: Perles d'Afrique 2012  Mixed MediaEls Sarens  Necklace: Perles d’Afrique 2012  Mixed Media

Carolina Apolonia  Piece: A Choreography Of Oneness II 2012  Mixed MediaCarolina Apolonia  Piece: A Choreography Of Oneness II 2012  – silver, lacque

Gaston Verstraeten  Bracelet: Family Link Stamped 2012  SilverGaston Verstraeten  Bracelet: Family Link Stamped 2012  Silver

Luc Ingels  Brooch: Genisis,Flower 2012  Mixed MediaLuc Ingels  Brooch: Genisis,Flower 2012  Mixed Media

Barbara Deriemaecker  Necklace: Untitled 2012  Mixed MediaBarbara Deriemaecker  Necklace: Untitled 2012  Mixed Media


Silver Museum Sterckshof / Zilvermuseum Sterckshof Provincie Antwerpen
Hooftvunderlei 160
2100 – Deurne
Telephone: +32 (0)3 360 52 52
F +32 (0)3 360 52 53