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EXPO ‘Mended 240′ – Periscope Gallery, Tel Aviv (IL) – 17 Mai-16 Juin 2012

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‘Mended 240‘ 

Dania Chelminsky : « I have been working for my first solo exhibition for the last 8 months, opening soon May 17 – Periscop gallery until 16.6″

« Mended
 I tear off roots from their place, almost in a violent act, some are torn and wounded.
I dry these roots, stop their growth. I intensify a moment of disruption.
Like in a therapeutic act, I mend and fix every wound.
I dress the roots metal jewelry or is it metal splints?« 

Dania Chelminsky« Contrasting materials, touching points, moments of tension. Creating a possible connotation and meaning that tell a story. A thought, a feeling. How we refer to our surrounding world. Precious fractures of garbage, the meaning of recycling. Can I mend and fix every wound ? Is this jewelry or maybe metal splints ?«   Dania Chelminsky - at Periscope Gallery, Tel AvivDania Chelminsky – rings

 Dania Chelminsky Dania Chelminsky Dania Chelminsky

‘Mended 240‘ exhibition  -  Dania Chelminsky - broochDania Chelminsky – brooch

Dania Chelminsky - "mended 240" exhibition catalog

Dania Chelminsky – « mended 240″ exhibition catalog

 Dania Chelminsky Dania Chelminsky


Periscope Gallery,
176 Ben Yehuda st.
Tel-Aviv (IL)
Tel : +972-3-5226815
mail :
Mon – Thu 17:00-20:00, Fri – Sat  11:00-13:00

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