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EXPO ‘l’aparador de la diversitat’ – Galeria Meko, Barcelona (ES) – 5 Juin-10 Aout 2012

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Nicolas Estrada « l’aparador de la diversitat »

« Expongo la próxima semana en “l’aparador de la diversitat” de la Galería Meko. Del 5 de junio al 10 de agosto. »

Nicolas Estrada "l'aparador de la diversitat"

Galeria Meko Joyería
Sant Pere més Baix 11, Barcelona
932 680 222
Martes a sábado: 11:00-14:00, 16:30-20:30

EXPO ‘Tributaries’ – Metal Museum, Memphis (USA) – 4 Mai-24 Juin 2012

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Tributaries: Lauren Kalman

Tributaries: Lauren Kalman will be on view at the Metal Museum from May 4, 2012 – June 24, 2012.

EXPO 'Tributaries' - Metal Museum, Memphis (USA) - 4 Mai-24 Juin 2012 dans Exposition/Exhibition release2Blooms, Efflorescence, and Other Dermatological Embellishments – (Wart) 2009 Inkjet Print

Lauren Kalman’s work pulls from discourses dealing with the imaged body, consumer culture, body aesthetics and illness. Through the production of jewelry objects, photography, video, sculpture and performance, her projects visually link the divergent discourses.

Her current work replicates and transforms illness and trauma through performance, video, objects and photography. Diseases like acne, cancer, herpes, elephantiasis or physical trauma like amputation and facial reconstruction surgery, are presented as jeweled infections, fabric growths or wearable instruments. They are hybridizations of the grotesque or undesirable aspects of the body and objects we associate with beauty, status, health or wealth.

In conjunction with her exhibition, Lauren Kalman will give a public lecture on Thursday, May 3 at 7pm at Memphis College of Art in Callicott Auditorium. On Friday, May 4, 6-9pm we will have a free opening reception at the Metal Museum. 

Tributaries  - 2012 - Lauren Kalman  http://www.metalmuseum.orgBlooms, Efflorescence, and Other Dermatological Embellishments – (Cystic Acne, Back) – 2009 – Inkjet Print

Lauren Kalman is a visual artist whose practice is invested in installation, video, photography and performance. Through her work she investigates perspectives of beauty, body image, value and consumer culture. Raised in the Midwest, Kalman completed her MFA in Art from the Ohio State University and earned a BFA in metals from the Massachusetts College of art. She exhibits internationally.

Lauren KalmanLauren Kalman – Hard Wear (Tongue Gilding) 2006- Digital print, laminated on acrylic


National Ornamental Metal Museum
374 Metal Museum Drive,
Memphis, Tennessee  38106
Phone: 901-774-6380 or 1-877-881-2326


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