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EXPO « Pauline Bern ‘Colonial Goose’  » – Fingers, Auckland Central (NZ) – 4-17 Juin 2012

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Pauline Bern  ‘Colonial Goose’

« While the connection between an old recipe from the colonial era and a new exhibition of botanical jewellery by Pauline Bern might not seem immediately apparent, let the title simmer slowly for a while and you will discover that it provides an enticing clue…
Colonial Goose harks back to the early pioneering tradition in New Zealand of making do with what’s on hand – in this case, owing to a scarcity of geese, the traditional English Christmas fare of roast goose was substituted for a stuffed leg of lamb or mutton, prepared in such a way that the completed dish resembled a goose, even though it wasn’t.
The more fickle aspect of Colonial Goose – the one thing masquerading as another, forms the major theme of this new body of work. The Colonial Goose becomes a metaphor for deceit and mutability, an idea that Bern arrived at by way of another goose related anecdote discovered by chance during a visit to an exhibition of botanical illustrations at the Auckland War Memorial Museum.
The Illustrated Leaves exhibition included a copy of John Gerard’s Herball, or Generall Historie of Plantes (1597), and in it Bern read with fascination an account of the botanical myth of the ‘goose barnacle tree’ on the Isle of Man – a tree popularly believed to have barnacles that opened and gave birth to geese. In Gerard’s fantastical description of the goose barnacle tree, Pauline Bern recognised the creative potential of intermingling fact and fiction in a botanical context, and this led her to create her own version of New Zealand botanical jewellery, but with a twist.
The misadventures of a backyard naturalist perhaps best describes Bern’s method, for the jewellery in Colonial Goose results from the Frankensteinian process of grafting together particular pieces from different plants to create new species that could never, in actuality, exist.
I want the works to elicit curiosity, intrigue, surprise, humour and perhaps nostalgia,’ Bern states. ‘I am not attempting to emulate botanical forms, rather to appropriate the extraordinary, unexpected, and often un-noticed details in nature, into a contemporary jewellery context.’ » Exerpt from a text by Bronwyn Lloyd

Corallium Argentum« Corallium Argentum » – Brooch: fine and stg silver, coral

Silver Swarm« Silver Swarm » – Brooch: fine and stg silver, brass mesh

Physocarpa Corallium« Physocarpa Corallium » – Brooch: 9ct gold, coral, swan plant, nikau nut flowers

Physocarpa Argentum« Physocarpa Argentum » – Necklace: swanplant, nikau nut, rose thorn, silver

Aqua Rosa Argentum« Aqua Rosa Argentum » – Brooch: fine and stg silver, pearls, citrine beads

Rosa Argentum« Rosa Argentum » – Necklace: rose thorn and wood, fine silver

Dicksonia Podocarpus« Dicksonia Podocarpus » Necklace: neritina shell, totara leaves, fern stem, glass beads

Pauline Bern began her career as a jeweller in the United States in the 1970’s. On her return to New Zealand she exhibited work with Fingers in Auckland and has participated in many of the founding jewellery projects and groups in New Zealand including Details Jewellery Group and The Persuasive Object Craft Conference. Bern has taken part in a number of group exhibitions such as Paua Dreams at Fingers, Close to Home at Snowhite Gallery and Handycrafts at Te Tuhi – The Mark. Recent projects have included Scrub, Grate, Whisk, which toured New Zealand, The Ring Project at The NEW Dowse in Lower Hutt and The Multitude, in Christchurch, July 09. Bern is a senior tutor at Unitec NZ in Auckland.



2 Kitchener St
Auckland, NZ 1010
tel 00 64 9-373 3974
More information:



Colonial Goose book cover










Colonial GoosePauline Bern – ISBN 978-0-473-20430-3 – 2011 – 30p, 16 colour plates, 185x135mm
Exhibition catalogue – essay by Bronwyn Lloyd, photography Haruhiko Sameshima,  design  (at  —

EXPO ‘RENEE BEVAN New Work’ – The National, Christchurch (New Zealand) – 18 Mai-16 Juin 2012

“Sometimes what we wear is not to do with its aesthetic or monetary, material value. Sometimes the meaning goes deeper.  »

« New Work : Renee Bevan«   is Bevan’s first significant solo exhibition and features both photography and jewellery objects.
It is accompanied by a 24 page catalogue, with essay by curator and writer Karl Chitham: “These new works operate undercover, a set of tools and cues ready to aid us in an exploration of the aspects of life that we often fail to notice. The unexpected love token, a set of eyes watching from behind a picture, the remnants of unspoken thoughts or the subverted reworking of a childhood game. These devices help to highlight or freeze-frame a moment in time. The new works suggest the wonder of discovery and an investigation of the minutiae of experiences we are surrounded by every day.

« There is a pattern that slowly declares itself through the collective results of Bevan’s investigations. It is like a stream of consciousness that requires the odd splicing together of scenes in order to maintain a coherency for those outside of her head. It is a way of viewing the world that has a unique and sometimes childlike sense of uncomplicated poeticism. There is an honesty about these new works. They are simple gestures that respond to Bevan’s innermost sensibilities as opposed to societal or financial pressures:
“Sometimes what we wear is not to do with its aesthetic or monetary, material value – Sometimes the meaning goes deeper – I want to explore this in my work – make things that… have a deeper value” (Renee Bevan). »

EXPO 'RENEE BEVAN New Work' - The National, Christchurch (New Zealand) - 18 Mai-16 Juin 2012 dans Exposition/Exhibition 1674-web12_12balloon_silver_portraitRENEE BEVAN « Lighthearted »- silver, electroformed balloon, spraypaint

1657-web4_4bubblegum_brooch_crop dans GALERIESRENEE BEVAN « Hold That Thought » Brooch – gum, silver, spraypaint, stless steel wire

1672-web13_13colour_in_necklace dans Nlle Zelande (NZ)RENEE BEVAN « Colouring In » Necklace- brass, spraypaint, marker, cord

1626-web3b_3black_balloon_landscape_view dans Renee BEVAN (NZ)RENEE BEVAN « Parting Breath », 2012 -silver, electroformed balloon, spraypaint

1658-web9_9lucky_7_brooch_crop dans www NOOVOeditionsRENEE BEVAN « Risking It All » Brooch – Instant Kiwi, silver, spraypaint, steel wire


RENEE BEVAN Stream of Thoughts; a whole years work – Photo: Caryline Boreham


212 Madras St
Christchurch 8011 – New Zealand
+64 3 366 3893 information:

EXPO ‘Donning Oxford’ – O3 Gallery, Oxford (UK) – 2 Juin-1er Juill. 2012


EXPO 'Donning Oxford' - O3 Gallery, Oxford (UK) - 2 Juin-1er Juill. 2012 dans Exposition/Exhibition GetInline-1This exhibition of contemporary fine art jewellery looks to explore and stretch the notions of how or what it is to ‘don’ Oxford. Contributing artists have been selected for their collectively broad approach to jewellery making and will undoubtedly reflect, interpret and respond to this theme in varied and surprising ways.


Contributing artists:
Farrah Al DujailiKaren Bartlett — Emily Bullock — Rachael Colley — Sally Collins — Sian Haigh-Brown — Lucy Harvey — Fiona Hermse — Heidi Hinder — Tamsin Leighton-Boyce — Yi Lu — Mikaela LyonsToni MaynerKathryn PartingtonJo Pond — Fliss Quick — Katherine RichmondMiriam RoweNatalie SmithShadi Vossough — Li-Chu Wu

3_72dpi dans Farrah AL-DUJAILI (UK)Farrah Al-Dujaili‘Out-of-the-way-things’ necklace  Copper, enamel paint, acrylic paint, watercolour, beads, acrylic coating.



Donning Oxford

Li-Chu WuBrooch ‘Plants’ 2011 -Paper, copper, wax, silver plated
 dans Fiona HERMSE (UK)Mikaela LyonsNeckpiece ‘Organic 3′ 2012 – Curtain trim, black fresh water pearls, enameled copper, wax


O3 Gallery
03 Gallery
Oxford Castle New Road
Oxford, OX1 1AY
Phone: 01865 246131
Opening times during exhibitions:
Tues – Fri 12-5pm, Sat & Sun 11am-4pm, Closed Mondays.

EXPO ‘HUH?!’ – Bishop Lei International House, Hong Kong – 1er-30 Juin 2012

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 HUH ?! HongKong

traditional chinese art VS contemporary jewellery  – father and daughter exhibition
OPENING RECEIPTION: 1 June 2012, 6:30-9pm
artists: TANG cheong shing & Tricia TANG


TANG cheong shing is an established Chinese calligraphy and seal crafting artist; whereas Tricia Tang is a contemporary jewellery artist. The two have huge difference in terms of creative direction, generation, concept, medium, as well as mind set. Nevertheless, both of them are passionate in art, in addition to that Tang Cheong Shing has a great influence on introducing the fascination of art to Tricia Tang – they are father and daughter. This time, their works will employ in same materials; yet, different concepts and medium to make a conversation between their works in the exhibition.  Tang  ... calligraphyTANG cheong shing calligraphy

Tricia TANG‘s jewellery practice reflects the intimate relationship, individual identities and cultural permutations that have resulted from her experience. The objects she makes blend past (her occurrence) with present (contemporary materials) to produce distinctive narrations. Without a limitation on materials, she enjoys testing and finding the most appropriate materials for each of her concept and work. Tricia Tang believes a piece of jewellery can be no difference than a contemporary art piece, jewellery is an object without limitation and with a strong notion of statement within.

Tricia TangTricia Tang  Rings: « 10″ -  2011  Sterling Silver, Black Rhodium, Metal Wire, Thread, Acrylic Paint, Acrylic Polymer Dispersion
- 10 years, 10 relationships, 10 narratives, 10 fingers, 10 rings.

Tricia Tang metro st paul Tricia TANG  Necklaces: « My St. Paul’s » 2002  Acrylic, silver, silkscreen on glass, silkscreen on cotton, cotton

Tricia Tang - "The Phone Line is Busy", rings 2001Tricia Tang – « The Phone Line is Busy », rings 2001 – phone cord


Bishop Lei International House
4 Robinson Road, Mid-level,
Hong Kong

EXPO ‘TREASURE’ – London (UK) – 14-17 Juin 2012

TREASURE - London’s visionary jewellery show 14–17 June 2012

EXPO 'TREASURE' - London (UK) - 14-17 Juin 2012 dans Christiane WICHERT (DE) treasure-logo-2-300x203

« Treasure 2012, London’s visionary jewellery show, is the best place to purchase the most beautiful, exciting and vibrant contemporary jewellery anywhere in the UK »


Some of the jewellers exhibited :

Jeehyun Chung, a recent graduate from Edinburgh College of Art, makes oriental and contemporary style jewellery inspired by blending moments from travels across Europe with traditional Korean art and crafts
Atelier Michael BergerMichael Berger – kinetic rings
« By extending the body with jewellery you can design your identity and express your personality. This fundamental relation between body and jewellery was source of inspiration for my « BodyJewellery – JewelleryBody » collection . In some designs I focused on the appearance of the material, in others I gave priority to how the jewellery is made or how to wear it. »
« Referencing the disruption of nature’s order through my work, I create new life forms that appear as direct replications of recognizable organic matter yet they are not quite as they seem.
Having accumulated an assortment of natural forms and materials based on their intrinsic characters, the process of casting helps me to amalgamate these ever evolving hybrids, deceptively leading to mistaken identity. By acting as the divine creator, I am mimicking the power we have to alter nature’s path, which ultimately leads to chaos and the sinister presence lurking throughout the work.« 
« Since I can remember I have been a bit of a magpie, hoarding incessantly anything miniature or eclectic that has caught my eye. Born and brought up in Northern Ireland, with parents involved in the Antique business it was moving to Edinburgh in the late eighties to attend Edinburgh College of Art that I became an avid collector of ephemera. As my time at Art College progressed it became clear that the things I was collecting were becoming the inspiration for my work and this is when I started to use these actual found objects in my work. Straight after graduation I set up my business and have exhibited internationally ever since. My work has been featured widely in press and publications, is represented in many public and private collections and in 2007 I was shortlisted for the prestigious ‘Jerwood Applied Arts Prize – Jewellery’.« 

« …Colour has always been a significant feature of her jewellery. By introducing the translucent qualities of silicone with bright pigments, alongside the shifting reflective surfaces of precious metal and plastics, she conveys the qualities of underwater life forms. »

Lili DesignLili Design (Lili Giacobino) detail of a necklace
« No chemicals are used in the creation of Bioplastic jewellery, which means it will not last forever »
Lili DesignLili Design (Lili Giacobino)  necklace
RenushRenush -Contempory hand made, moulded leather jewellery
« Renush is the creation of designer and maker Renáta Koch, a graduate in Footwear and Accessories from Cordwainers College at the London College of Fashion. Taking her inspiration from the contours of the human body and the characteristics of materials used, Renáta uses traditional techniques to create thoroughly modern and highly original pieces »
« I was first inspired by a tutor to pursue a career in jewellery design. I loved to make small sculptures and turn them into playful wearable objects. From the moment I was introduced to enamelling at Edinburgh College of Art I immediately loved its instantaneous effects. I find the enamelling process fascinating from applying the enamel to metal to firing it in a kiln. The most satisfying part for me is when the layers of rich colour are rubbed back to reveal patterns and textures underneath. My love for the city is the inspiration behind my work. I initially paint my ideas onto enamel panels and then translate these drawings into tactile, sculptural forms that play with line,texture and colour. My recent collection consists of earrings, pendants and brooches made from oxidised silver, iron and enamel. I oxidise the silver to create an industrial feel which compliments the bold colours that feature throughout my jewellery designs.« 
« Veiled jewellery reflects my assumption that although certainty is often required in modern society, ambiguous expression has been the most distinctive characteristic found in Japanese values and religious beliefs« 



Somerset House – Ethical Pavillion
London WC2R 1LA


EXPO ‘Barbara Paganin – Flora Vagi’ – Galerie Orfèo, Luxembourg – 8 Juin-28 Juil. 2012

Expo 08.06.-28.07.12 Barbara PaganinFlora Vagi – Sadatsugu Toboé

  Barbara Paganin - broche: FUOCO 2012 Argento ossid.polimetilmetacrilato, rodocrosite, opale di fuoco, oroBarbara Paganin – broche: FUOCO 2012 – Argento ossid., polimetilmetacrilato, rodocrosite, opale di fuoco, oro

Barbara Paganin - broche: CESPUGLIO VERDE 2012 Argento ossidato, polimetilmetacrilato, acquamarina.Barbara Paganin – broche: CESPUGLIO VERDE 2012 – Argento ossidato, polimetilmetacrilato, acquamarina.

  Barbara PAGANIN - broche: RAMI BLU 2012 Spilla in argento ossidato,polimetilmetacrilato, zaffiri, acquamarina.  expo: Galerie Orfèo / 08.06.12-28.07.12Barbara PAGANIN – broche: RAMI BLU 2012 Spilla in argento ossidato,polimetilmetacrilato, zaffiri, acquamarina

  Flora Vagi: Brosche THINGS HAPPEN IN A GARDEN "BLUE FOWERS" Eiche, Pigment, Acryl, SilberFlora Vagi: Brosche THINGS HAPPEN IN A GARDEN « BLUE FOWERS » Eiche, Pigment, Acryl, Silber

Flora Vagi: Brosche WAVES OF BLUE Ebenholz, Pigment, AcrylFlora Vagi: Brosche WAVES OF BLUE Ebenholz, Pigment, Acryl

Flora Vagi: Anhänger: WAVES OF BLUE Ebenholz, Pigment, Seide, Silber, Gold 18 ktFlora Vagi: Anhänger: WAVES OF BLUE Ebenholz, Pigment, Seide, Silber, Gold 18 kt

Flora Vagi: Brosche THE WHITE BOOK Alte Buchseiten, Email, Pigmente, W+G.GoldFlora Vagi: Brosche THE WHITE BOOK Alte Buchseiten, Email, Pigmente, W+G.Gold




Galerie Orfeo
28, rue des Capucins,
1313 Luxembourg, Luxembourg
Tel 00 352 22 23 25


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