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EXPO ‘SEEP’ – Gallery Funaki, Melbourne, Victoria (AU) – 12 Juin-7 Juill. 2012

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Lisa Walker‘s exhibition SEEP starts this coming Tuesday June 12th… prepare to be knocked sideways. Join us for the opening and a drink with Lisa on Tuesday night from 6-8pm at Gallery Funaki

« Lisa Walker’s jewellery is a cacophony of image, colour and media. It shows her endlessly roaming and curious intellect »

« The common misconception about Lisa Walker’s work is that anything goes, that it’s a material free-for-all. The truth is, Walker works in a very meticulous, thoughtful way and her compositions and materials are chosen with great care. She treads a fine line between wearable and unwearable.« 

Lisa Walker

« Trying to understand Walker’s inclusive process and thinking, I experience both hope and exhaustion. SO much is possible, and so MUCH is possible! But what I find most important is Lisa’s exploration of the cultural function of jewelry, and a revitalization of it to be relevant to now. Walker’s jewelry is the extreme version of the most personal contemporary appurtenance. It is the physical manifestation of the mental and virtual baggage of living NOW. It is a stream of consciousness record of the whims and obsessions of an over-mediafied, production inundated, anxious global culture. If our collective subconscious brain could turn its pockets inside out, showing the world what we are really made of, it would look like Lisa’s work.«   Kerianne Quick, Amsterdam, 2011

EXPO 'SEEP' - Gallery Funaki, Melbourne, Victoria (AU) - 12 Juin-7 Juill. 2012 dans Australie (AU) 725

Lisa Walker

Lisa Walker, Pendant, 2011.Lisa Walker, Pendant, 2011




Gallery Funaki
4 Crossley Street
Melbourne, Victoria
Australia 3000
PO Box 24142
Melbourne, Victoria
Australia 3001
tel 00 613 9662 9446

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