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EXPO Design Centrum, Kielcke (Poland) – 23 Juin-4 Aout 2012

inauguration of Design Centrum Kielcke Poland (June 23-24th)

« For the official opening of the Design Centrum Kielce in the spring of 2012, our first exhibition will present exceptional achievements of Polish and international contemporary design, showing wide spectrum of this creative field and its unconventional approach towards everyday life.
In the main galleries the exposition will present furniture, lighting and innovative home accessories.
In the thematic galleries we will display contemporary industrial porcelain, ceramic and glass, avant-garde jewelry and projects of Kielce architects. In the library we will exhibit graphics, lettering and book design. »

EXPO  Design Centrum, Kielcke (Poland) - 23 Juin-4 Aout 2012 dans Arek WOLSKI (PL)

Jewelry artists :  Arek WolskiKarolina BikDanni SchwaagSilvia BeccariaYoko TakiraiMaria Cristina BelucciMarc MonzoNora FokEla BauerDonald FriedrichDoug BucciShunichiro NakashimaChristel van der Laan

are invited to exhibit their contemporary jewelry in the design exhibition curated by Daga Kopala. The exhibition will be held in Kielcke, in Poland for the inauguration of Design Centrum Kielcke Poland on June 23th to 24th





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