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EXPO ’3 from Sofia’ – Galeriehaus Grosche, Castrop-Rauxel (Germany) – 16-30 Juin 2012

3 from Sofia : Zwetelina Alexieva, Dimitar Delchev, Nikolay Sardamov

EXPO '3 from Sofia' - Galeriehaus Grosche, Castrop-Rauxel (Germany) - 16-30 Juin 2012 dans Allemagne (DE) 0139f860a3

Zwetelina Alexieva
I think about my pieces the way I think about living things.
Some of them have a skeleton and a skin, others have twigs and leaves. Some have similar building schemes, but none of them are identical.
The process of making is like growing an organism. I use wax wires and elements to build a structure and to form a shape. My pieces emerge slowly and are sometimes intricate. They need a patient observer and time to be appreciated.

Dimitar Delchev
The inspiration for my works I get from different sources, mostly, from the nature. I’m also getting my inspiration from stores like Bauhaus, Praktiker etc. The transformation of lifeless nets, pipes and other industrial stuff into something else brings about emotions and joy in a playful mode.

Nikolay Sardamov
Butterflies with wide spread wings and beetles with long feelers are arranged in a circle with legs next to each other and form brooches, pendants, rings and bangles. They also occur individually, as an ear stud sitting on the tip of the ear, or as a pin, nonchalantly crawling on the lapel. The insects are their own silhouettes: silver shadows, sometimes gilded or blackened. They sit in symmetric ornaments which grow into three dimensional constructions and resemble flowers in bloom. The beetles and butterflies turn into petals.

And the secret of the garden? Its flowers can spread their wings and fly away.

Nikolay Sardamov  Brooch: The Secret Of The Garden  Gold  Photography: Mladen PenevNikolay Sardamov  Brooch: The Secret Of The Garden  Gold  - Photography: Mladen Penev

Zwetelina Alexieva  Brooch: Red  Plastic foil, silver  Photography: Angel PenchevZwetelina Alexieva  Brooch: Red  Plastic foil, silver  – Photography: Angel Penchev

Dimitar Delchev  Brooch: Red  Plastic, silver  Photography: Angel PenchevDimitar Delchev  Brooch: Red  Plastic, silver  – Photography: Angel Penchev








Galeriehaus Grosche
Karlstraße 20
44575 – Castrop-Rauxel
Telephone: 02305 – 92 10 92

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