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EXPO ‘A Boat is a Boat…Is a Boat a Boat?’ – ATTA Gallery, Bangkok (Thailand) – 17 Juill.-19 Aout 2012

Mette Saabye : A Boat is a Boat…Is a Boat a Boat?

" Mette Saabye: A Boat is a Boat…Is a Boat a Boat? " Bangkok Thailand exhibitions unique custom jewelry

In this body of work, Mette Saabye, a Danish jewellery artist, created 23 pieces of jewellery to represent memories of 23 different people. Each person was instrumental in the outcome of each piece as they were asked to describe in writing a personal association, memory or experience with a boat, and also to document the type of boat in sketches or pictures. Based on the information given, Mette created a piece of jewellery for each person. The result is the representation of 23 different conceptions of the same physical thing; a boat.

As the title suggests, a boat is a boat; a specific type of object in the world of physical things. But as it is added, the boat is never the same. Memories, associations, longings and personal interpretations create an almost nostalgic atmosphere that suddenly invests the anonymous designation ‘boat’ with a striking authenticity.

Mette Saabye  Brooch: Gunhild 2012  Porcelain, photo, 925 silverMette Saabye  Brooch: Gunhild 2012  Porcelain, photo, 925 silver

Mette Saabye  Necklace: Jens 2012  Birch plywood, silk, finger nailsMette Saabye Necklace: Jens 2012  Birch plywood, silk, finger nails

Mette Saabye  Brooch: Kirsten 2012  Red paint, 9215 silver
Mette Saabye  Brooch: Kirsten 2012  Red paint, 9215 silver
Mette Saabye  Ring: Kaj 2012  Photo, AluminumMette Saabye  Ring: Kaj 2012  Photo, Aluminum
Mette Saabye  Brooch: Marie 2012  Perspex, plastic, cotton string, black paint, 925 silverMette Saabye  Brooch: Marie 2012  Perspex, plastic, cotton string, black paint, 925 silver







ATTA Gallery
O.P. Garden, Unit 1109, 4,6 Charoenkrung Soi 36
10500, Charoenkrung Road, Bangrak – Bangkok
Telephone: + 662 238 6422


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