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EXPO ‘Wearable cities’ – Gallery Funaki, Melbourne, Victoria (AU) – 31 Juill.-25 Aout 2012

Blanche Tilden Wearable cities

gallery Funaki : next exhibition, opening Tues 31st July, is Melbourne's own Blanche Tilden with "Wearable Cities".

Blanche Tilden has exhibited nationally and internationally since 1990. Over this time she has developed a unique approach to materials, as well as a focus on repetition. A fascination with mechanical devices – fuelled by a desire to understand how things work – continually inspires her work. This understanding enables her to explore glass both as a material for jewellery making, and a universal metaphor.

She lives and works in Melbourne.

EXPO 'Wearable cities' - Gallery Funaki, Melbourne, Victoria (AU) - 31 Juill.-25 Aout 2012  dans Australie (AU) 688

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Gallery FUNAKI
4 Crossley Street
Melbourne, Victoria
Australia 3000
PO Box 24142
Melbourne, Victoria
Australia 3001
+613 9662 9446


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