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EXPO ‘The Universal Language of Ornamentation’ – Pforzheim Jewellery Museum, Pforzheim (DE) – 22 Juin-30 Sept 2012

The Universal Language of Ornamentation  :  Tamara Grüner

The Universal Language of Ornamentation - Tamara Gruner - 22 juin-30 sept 2012

Ornamental designs count among the earliest signs of human cultural activity. Starting from simple carvings in various archaeological finds via intertwining lines to Baroque opulence, ornaments can also be found galore in jewellery. They are a phenomenon that spans the entire world and the most different cultures and, in spite of all its diversity, reveals similar patterns.
This exhibition will show the wide variety of ornamental forms of expression in jewellery from the occidental European region to the wealth of variants in the Orient. It will also explore the common denominators of ornamentation which can be found in all cultures and epochs and combine to form the universal language of ornamentation. The exhibition is the Jewellery Museum’s contribution to the « Mix versteh’n » (« Understanding Mix ») intercultural festival organized by the city of Pforzheim’s office for cultural affairs.

  Tamara Grüner  Brooch: Metopa 2011  Historical pressing in blackened metal, glass, porcelain, plastic, pigment, blackened silver, steelTamara Grüner  Brooch: Metopa 2011  Historical pressing in blackened metal, glass, porcelain, plastic, pigment, blackened silver, steel





Pforzheim Jewellery Museum
Jahnstrasse 42
75173 – Pforzheim
Telephone: +49 (0) 7231/39-2970
Fax: +49 (0) 7231/39-1441

Marzee Graduate Show 2012 (NL) – 5 Aout 2012

Marzee Graduate Show 2012

Invitation of the Marzee Graduate Show 2012

Annual Marzee Selection of Graduate Work Jewellery 2012 from International Academies and Colleges

Sunday 5 August 2012 at 4 pm
> Opening of the Graduate Show 2012
> Awarding the Marzee Graduate Prize 2012

Monday 6 August 2012 from 10.30 am to 3 pm
> Symposium – Participants of the Graduation Show talk about their work on show


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