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EXPO ‘Contemporary Jewellery Exhibition’ – Polidynamo Demotiko Kentro, Nicosia (Cyprus) – 12-15 Sept. 2012

Contemporary Jewellery Exhibition,  Nicosia, Cyprus
In their 4th successive year a group of 7 Jewellery Designers of Cypriot originpresent their latest work. They remain united in their vision in today’s world of Contemporary Jewellery which inspires their diverse and individual styles. EXPO Liana Pattihis .........Artists:
Augousta Themistocleous Constantinos KyriacouIro Kaskani Liana PattihisMala SiamptaniPanayiotis Panayi Skevi Afantiti

Liana Pattihis - Blue 'Istos' Brooch 2010 has been selected for the Cominelli Foundation Private Collection in Italy!Liana Pattihis – Blue ‘Istos’ Brooch 2010

harmony catastrophe - Panayiotis Panayiharmony catastrophe - Panayiotis Panayi
Skevi Afantiti - HOME collection necklaceSkevi Afantiti – HOME collection necklace

Augousta Themistocleous - ekthesi 2010Augousta Themistocleous – from serie « ekthesi » 2010
Iro Kaskani: The Space in Between - 2007 CollectionIro Kaskani : The Space in Between – 2007 Collection
Polidynamo Demotiko Kentro
Nicosia, Cyprus
Opening hours: 10.00- 13.00 and 16.00- 21.00

Decouverte : Kellie Riggs : architectures blanches et douces

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Architectures blanches et douces : Kellie Riggs – Moulures haussmaniennes pour le corps, pour mieux l’encadrer …

« My work is not ornament, it is about ornament.
My work is informed by the past, fueled by an interest in contemporizing our visual history. My curiosity in what came before me closely relates to the inherent fundamentals of adornment as a concept; I explore the human body’s direct relationship to architecture, as time has honored the idea that the human body deserves parallel exaltation. Using the decorative and structural articulation of environments like Italian churches, I aim to exploit the body as a site and surface able to be similarly defined.
Adapted fundaments of Renaissance and Baroque architecture encompass my work using identifiable derivations of visual vocabularies, principles, and dynamic functions. Using proportion and balance, contraction and release, my work explores ambiguity of scale. The physicality of each piece is also essential to the visual presence when seen on the body, and the structural presence when felt worn.
This series intends to reframe how the body is perceived by unifying object and body as one. This goal of unification is met with limitations of perception- how does one communicate a theoretical environment where piece meets the intended site, if one does not get to handle the piece personally? The tangible object alone is not the complete work; without the body, only fallen fragments would be found. How are they to be put back?  »

Kellie Riggs  Object: Dilation/Contraction 2011  Porcelain  From the series ArchitettonicoKellie Riggs  Object: Dilation/Contraction 2011  Porcelain  From the series Architettonico

Architettonico-Binary Arch Study by Kellie RiggsKellie Riggs  Object: Binary Arch Study 2011  Porcelain, rope, brass  From the series Architettonico

ARCHITETTONICO by KELLIE RIGGS -  - A BORROMINI   porcelainKellie Riggs  Object: To Borromini 2011  Porcelain  From the series Architettonico

PinnARCHITETTONICO by KELLIE RIGGS, Bronze N°1 patinated bronzeKellie Riggs  ARCHITETTONICO  Bronze N°1 patinated bronze


EXPO ‘Jewels ?’ – Galerie JOYABrussels (BE) – 6-29 Sept. 2012

JOYABrussels présente dans le cadre du BRUSSELS DESIGN SEPTEMBER 2012 :

Sidonie Panache — Claire Wolfstirn — Saskia Shutt — Alain Roggeman – Sophie GheeraertSylvie Jousset Cleo Loos — Lucia Bacchiocchi — Aurore de Heusch Agnès Figueres

VERNISSAGE vendredi 07/09/2012 de 6:30h à 21:00h


“JoyaBrussels”, est une nouvelle boutique au concept novateur.
Créé en 2011, notre galerie/magasin offre aux artistes l’opportunité d’exposer et de vendre leurs créations en plein centre de Bruxelles, pôle du design et du stylisme.
Notre leitmotiv est de promouvoir les jeunes créateurs en leur proposant une boutique tremplin. Aucune marge bénéficiaire n’est retenue sur les ventes afin de proposer au public un objet de qualité à un prix honnête.
En plus d’un espace de vente, nous proposons une réelle visibilité du travail de l’artiste et ne demandant aucune exclusivité, nous laissons celui-ci libre de poursuivre ses ventes et/ou sa promotion en dehors de notre établissement. Car l’exclusivité “gèle” souvent la courbe de promotion de ce dernier.
Notre boutique est un espace de vente mais également une carte de visite pour chaque artiste y exposant. Nous ne voulons pas prendre de pourcentage, car nous voulons rester dans cette optique “coup de pouce”, cela nous permet également de proposer du bijou contemporain à prix abordable. Nous voulons vraiment offrir aux artistes la possibilité d’exposer dans le centre de la mode à un prix raisonnable.
Agnes Figueres  -  5 Bracelet Pentagon (steel, PVC, gold)Agnes Figueres  -  5 Bracelet Pentagon (steel, PVC, gold)
Sylvie Jousset C'est quand les plantes poussent et qu'elles ne tiennent plus dans les petites cages de la bague et des bracelets.... Elles ont alors droit au tour de cou, comme ça elles voyagent! ........ Sylvie Jousset : « C’est quand les plantes poussent et qu’elles ne tiennent plus dans les petites cages de la bague et des bracelets…. Elles ont alors droit au tour de cou, comme ça elles voyagent! …….. »
Aurore de Heusch: COLLECTION GAZONAurore de Heusch : COLLECTION GAZON
Sophie Gheeraert, l'incroyable monde du verre, l'email et de l'argentSophie Gheeraert – Collier en argent et feuilles en émail « Plique à jour » de la collection « Ramus » 2010
Claire Wolfstirn, "herbes folles"Claire Wolfstirn, bague collection « herbes folles »
Rue Antoine Dansaert 175
1000 Bruxelles
tel 00 32 2 203 18 14

EXPO ‘Anja Eichler: Urbanauts’ – Vander A Gallery, Bruxelles (BE) – 6 Sept.-6 Oct. 2012

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Anja Eichler: Urbanauts

EXPO 'Anja Eichler: Urbanauts' - Vander A Gallery, Bruxelles (BE) - 6 Sept.-6 Oct. 2012 dans Anja EICHLER (DE) contemporary-art-jewellery-04 Anja Eichler: Urbanauts Brussels Belgium

As an « urbanaut », Anja cruises Shanghai as a sailor among foreigners who do not speak her language. In this labyrinth of human relations where nature is missing, her artworks tell us her journeys and are the witnesses of her audio and visual impressions.
Close to the living ones, Anja’s wearable jewels submit us to mysterious organic realities from deep oceans, lunar landscapes or embryonic elements that cling to the body, moving and breathing together.
We will recognize her signature work gloves material but in more colourful compositions showing the hollows of the waves and furrows as many urban channels, navigating and discovering such a different land.
We will easily embark in this universe thanks to Lise Vachon (Canadian choreographer and dancer established in Belgium), Laura Colmenares Guerra (Columbian/Spanish visual artist) and Todor Todoroff (Belgian Engineer – compositor of electroacoustic music). Their works based on body perception will intensify the living materiality of the synthetic jewels.
The vander A Gallery is pleased to present Anja Eichler’s biomorphic art works together with an interesting artistic performance where dance, video and music come together.

Anja Eichler  Brooch: On the Edge 2012  Working glove, silver, steelAnja Eichler  Brooch: On the Edge 2012  Working glove, silver, steel

Anja Eichler  Brooch: City Dweller 2012  Working glove, wool, silver, steelAnja Eichler  Brooch: City Dweller 2012  Working glove, wool, silver, steel

Anja Eichler  Brooch: Taken 2011  Working glove, silverAnja Eichler  necklace: Taken 2011  Working glove, silver



Vander A Gallery
110-112 Avenue des Saisons
1050 – Brussels
Telephone: +32 (0) 495264281


EXPO ‘Barocco’ – Museum of Art & Crafts ITAMI, Japan – 8-30 Sept. 2012

BaroccoBaroque Pearl Jewelleries by 24 Artists  08.09.2012 15:00 ~

Chitose Ohchi × Jun KonishiBarocco - Baroque Pearl Jewelleries by 24 Artist  08.09.2012 15:00~  Special Talk : Chitose Ohchi × Jun Konishi    The Museum of Art & Crafts ITAMI  www.mac-itami.comKarin Seufert - necklaces for Barocco Exhibition  Karin Seufert necklaces

« `Baroque-water-pearls´ got their name, next to other aspects, because of their irregular outer shape. And just because of this special shape, they are sometimes also categorist as `scrap water pearls´. They are not first choice, their shapes don’t fit into special norms and conceptions, they are not perfect round with a smooth straight surface and their luster is broken due to their vivid appearances.
The image, which came up into my mind was to hide every visible detail because they do not fulfill certain expectations. I thought to put them into textile in a way that you only can feel them. It is then your fantasy, which gives the pearls their beauty without seeing them ever.
But nevertheless pearls are always beautiful just because of their unique shapes, their special colors, their sizes and their luster. And every pearl is individual because of this. It is a creation of nature and this beauty is worth to be shown, unless different expectations.
To emphasize this idea, I decided to not hide them.
It seemed to be much more interesting to place them into transparent textile, instead of hides them totally inside an opaque material. Now it is possible to see a bit of their shapes, to feel the weight, to hear the sound when the pearls touch each other and to move them like you want.
The design, which was the result of this idea, is a square tube.
It should be as minimal as possible to give all attention to the pearls inside. The textile I used for this tube/bag is black organza silk. Depending on where the pearls are, the form of the bag will be different and is made by the movement of the pearls. » Karin Seufert

Karin Seufert - detailKarin Seufert – detail 1

Karin Seufert - detail 2 - for Barocco ExhibitionKarin Seufert – detail 2JIRO KAMATA -   Pearl Ring 2009 for Barocco ExhibitionJiro Kamata  Pearl Ring 2009
« So,”what does it feels like to be inside of a pearl?” With such a simple questions, these rings were coming. it’s just like a taking a taboo in my mind.When I shaved it, I found another pearl inside. As if you were in a time machine inspecting the history of pearls.Here are the extraordinary pearl rings.« Jiro Kamata - "So,”what does it feels like to be inside of a pearl?” Jiro Kamata « So,”what does it feels like to be inside of a pearl?”

Jun Konishi - Natural shapes and  artificial shapes.Jun Konishi – Natural shapes and  artificial shapesFelix Lindner - "How to put pearls in my jewellery?  Felix Lindner  - brooch, orange plastic & pearls
« How to put pearls in my jewellery? So easy – it was love at first sight – I guess I am not the first one – later on I try to classify, making small groups, some pearls are attracting me more then others, but in almost every kind I can find details that are beautiful – I am amazed! » – „ice cream“  Felix Lindner - „pimp my ride“       Felix Lindner – „pimp my ride“ – I can pimp your tin toy ride… cultured bubble pearl wheels – other parts were taken from my work “les nouveaux classiques”… „Babe we’ll ride in style movin’ all along…“Beate Klockman neckpiece  (for Barocco Exhibition)Beate Klockman neckpieceBeate Klockman neckpiece (detail) -  Beate Klockman neckpiece (detail) –
« The landscape around here inspires me. It is very rough and wild. The weather is changing fast, everything moves. Only the mountains are a constant. I find perfect harmonies in this chaos and bring those to the body. I create Jewelry in a same way as the nature grows. Letting the same coincidental imperfections, decide the character of the jewel. I make jewelry like drawings. The Pearls are the shiny dots in my composition… » Beate KlockmanAnnelies Planteijdt -  city-White place 2009  Annelies Planteijdt -  city-White place 2009Annelies Planteijdt necklace (EXPO Barocco)Annelies Planteijdt -  city-White place 2009

Mariko Yamashita - 'party' necklace - êarl, 18k, paint (EXPO Barocco)Mariko Yamashita – ‘party’ necklace – pearl, 18k, paintPhilip Sajet necklace (EXPO Barocco)Philip Sajet necklace & detail

Mirei Takeuchi - necklaces - pearl, panty (EXPO Barocco)Mirei Takeuchi – necklaces – pearl, panty

Mirei Takeuchi détails necklace redMirei Takeuchi - détails 2

Mirei Takeuchi détails necklacesIris Bodemer  (for Barocco Exhibition)Iris BodemerRobean Visschers earrings   Robean Visschers earringsEXPO Barocco - Katja Prins ringsKatja Prins ringsEXPO Barocco - Karolina Bik  necklaceKarolina Bik  necklaceEXPO Barocco - Florie DupontFlorie Dupont brooches

Dorothea Dahnick (EXPO Barocco) “floral swing”Dorothea Dahnick – “floral swing”



The Museum of Art & Crafts ITAMI 
2-5-28 Miyanomae, Itami, Hyogo 664-0895
Phone: 072-772-5557
Fax: 072-772-5558




EXPO ‘Jorge Castañón new jewelry’ – 5 Sept.-7 Oct. 2012

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Jorge Castañón at Velvet da Vinci – sept 2012

Velvet da Vinci - sept 2012(The Red Box Brooch)

« Working with Alice in Wonderland, I felt those descents into endless holes in the earth, hidden places perhaps, away from light, where one could not know what was truly there. In an instant, everything belonged to the field of doubts. Then I wanted to talk about abundance and suddenly I knew that I was actually talking about what there is not, about emptiness, and I found myself again making hollow bowls, cavities full of nothing or almost nothing. After that I have kept looking for hidden sites, old hiding places, cracks, containers of many things and of none at the same time, inhabited by mute presences; now I invent them, try to give them voice. Objects and materials that were on the way to oblivion come back to communicate a minimal story, to construct a new illusion.« 

Jorge CastañónAll images from Jorge Castañón at Velvet da Vinci Contemporary Art Jewelry and Sculpture Gallery,

The Black Box Brooch

All images from Jorge Castañón at Velvet da Vinci Contemporary Art Jewelry and Sculpture Gallery,

The Illusion of Flying Brooch

Velvet da Vinci Gallery 2015 Polk Street (near Broadway)
San Francisco, CA  94109


EXPO ‘Sam-Tho Duong: LemitcA’ – Galerie Ra, Amsterdam (NL) – 1er Sept.-17 Oct. 2012

 Sam-Tho Duong: LemitcA

We know Sam-Tho Duong from his silver brooches and necklaces, covered with countless sweet water pearls, thus creating a crystal-like skin. His new collection ‘LemitcA’ is the result of an exploration into the possibilities of recycled plastic yogurt bottles.
By cutting, punching and folding the material he creates various elements that ingeniously link together to form objects. Flexible, thus pliable, and wearable as a sumptuous collar.

Sam-Tho Duong  Necklace: LemitcA 2012  Recycled plastic yogurt bottlesSam-Tho Duong  Necklace: LemitcA 2012  Recycled plastic yogurt bottles







Galerie Ra
Nes 120
1012 KE – Amsterdam
Telephone: 020 6265100
Fax: 020 6204595

RAPPEL !! D’un bijou à l’autre – PARIS – inscription deadline : 1er OCT 2012


Parcours du bijou: appel à candidature

D’un bijou à l’autre propose un parcours du bijou dans tout Paris. L’association lance un appel à candidature afin d’organiser cet événement qui se déroulera à partir de la fin du mois de septembre 2013.

Evénement unique dans l’univers du bijou, l’association D’un bijou à l’autre propose de faire découvrir les projets d’un grand nombre de créateurs ou galeries dans différents lieux de Paris. Les participants sont amenés à présenter des créations françaises, étrangères, anciennes ou contemporaines dans des manifestations allant d’un jour à deux mois. D’un bijou à l’autre coordonne les projets et assure la communication de ces manifestations.

- Le déroulement:
Les candidats porteurs de projets organisent eux mêmes leur manifestation : recherche et choix du lieu, scénographie, montage de l’exposition.
Les différents événements doivent se dérouler à Paris dans des lieux publics : musées, galeries, boutiques,…
Touts projets organisés dans un lieu privé (ateliers, appartements, …) seront refusés.

- Les critères de sélection:
L’association choisira les participants en fonction de la qualité du projet, de la qualité esthétique et de la qualité des réalisations techniques des bijoux réalisés dans le passé.

- Comment participer:
Les participants doivent remplir le dossier de candidature (à retourner à l’association) et joindre également des photographies de pièces déjà réalisées et 15 euros de frais de dossier.

- Les frais de participation:
Les frais de participation s’élève à 40€ pour chaque participant à un projet et sont plafonnés à 200€ pour les groupes de plus de cinq personnes et les galeries.

La date limite de dépôt des candidatures est le 1er octobre 2012.
Le dossier de candidature est à télécharger en bas de page.

D’un bijou à l’autre:
17 rue Paul Lelong
75002 Paris /
En cas de difficultés pour trouver un lieu, joindre l’association.

Galatée Pestre, ancienne résidente 2010/2011 et artiste bijoutière, est membre de l’association et à l’initiative de ce parcours. Retrouvez ses créations et sa réflexion sur le sens des bijoux sur son site internet

A télécharger :
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EXPO ‘Mythologies’ – Ateliers de Paris, Paris (FR) – 6 sept.-6 nov. 2012

Exposition Mythologies de 10 exploratrices aux Ateliers de Paris
vernissage le mercredi 5 septembre exposition du 6 septembre 18h30
au 6 novembre 2012 de 10h à 13 h et de 14h à 19h – entrée libre

Des filles, des femmes, des blondes, des brunes, des jeunes et des chevronnées.
Alors, qu’ont-elles en commun ? La fibre, le textile, le fil… à retordre.
C’est une histoire de maillage, EXPLORATRICES je vous dis !
Avec du léger, du transparent, de la sculpture, du mouvement. De l’art contemporain, de l’émotion, du très précis, du plein d’humour, du qui prend de la place, du très menu, du délicat, du qui dérange. Bref, du beau.
La tête dans les étoiles, les pieds bien sur terre, venez découvrir les œuvres de ces artistes.
Ensemble pour mieux créer, une et elles vous les aimerez et les admirerez comme je les aime. Elles ou leurs œuvres ?
Elles et leurs œuvres car c’est tout comme.
Des filles, des femmes, des blondes, des brunes, des jeunes et des chevronnées.
Alors, qu’ont-elles en commun ? La fibre, le textile, le fil… à retordre.

EXPO 'Mythologies' - Ateliers de Paris, Paris (FR) - 6 sept.-6 nov. 2012 dans Ateliers de Paris

Claire Beillard — Emmanuelle Dupont — Michèle Forest — Maïa Frey — Auriane Grosperrin — Mireille Guérin  — Sophie Guyot — Françoise Micoud — Fanny Viollet — Françoise Wintz

  Michèle Forest - parure 2012

Michèle Forest – parure 2012

parures 2012 | michele forestMichèle Forest – parure 2012
Michèle Forest - parures 2012Michèle Forest – parure 2012
Michèle ForestMichèle Forest – parure 2012 (détail)

Ateliers de Paris
30, rue du Faubourg Saint Antoine 75012 Paris


EXPO ‘Peter Bauhuis: Cupriavidus Metallidurans’ – Galerie Pilartz, Cologne (DE) – 1er Sept.-13 Oct. 2012

Cupriavidus Metallidurans : The entire spectrum of Peter Bauhuis works, his jewellery and his vessels – you can explore all his pieces of rare beauty in our gallery.
September 1 – October 13, 2012
Cordial Invitation to Exhibition Opening : Saturday, September 1, 2012,  12 to 4pm


 Peter Bauhuis is fascinated with the possibilities of founding. The central series of his work were made in metal founding. The intensive, often innovative engagement with this technique has earned Peter Bauhuis a reputation as modern alchemist. In contrast to wrought works that were forged the actual work in founding pieces lies within a thorough preparation. Technical precision and exact knowledge of the materials used predetermine the later results. However, once the founding has started, there are few possibilities left to correct or influence the outcome.
The experiment with the process of founding and melting different metals together characterises the work of Peter Bauhuis.
He reaches unexpected colours from matt white to a faint greenish yellow up to deep orange and dark red that seem to run into each other with the interplay of oxidising gold, silver and copper. People looking at his works, ask themselves: is this really metal?
He integrates seeming mistakes like fine lines or cracks and technical necessities into his shapes. This gives metal and its strong materiality an incredible lightness. With wit and playful irony he questions the gestures of jewellery and the objects and how we are used to seeing things. EXPO ‘Peter Bauhuis: Cupriavidus Metallidurans’ – Galerie Pilartz, Cologne (DE) – 1er Sept.-13 Oct. 2012 dans Allemagne (DE) g_1pm1528hq

Peter BauhuisNecklace – Blobring 2007 – copper, silver, gold, bronze

 shapeimage_6 dans Exposition/Exhibitionshapeimage_7 dans Peter BAUHUIS (DE)

Peter Bauhuis : Blobring 2007 – copper, gold 750  —  Ring 2008 – gold 600

 fd_600_0360hq dans [Gal. Pilartz (DE)](CLOSED)

Peter Bauhuis Outis – brooch 2010 – gold 600, needle gold 750; 58 x 29 x 26 mm





Galerie Pilartz
Zeughausstrasse 10
D-50667 – Cologne
Telephone: +49 (0)221-168 268 77


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